The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Silingsby, Maurice

Pseudonym For: Cumier, Thomas J.

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Items with "Silingsby, Maurice" as Credited Author

Dillingham's Palmetto Library

16. Buckskin Joe; or, The Prairie Guide

Gleason's Pictorial Novelettes

61. Searle, the Outlaw; or, The Spirits of the League

Log Cabin Library

70. The Rangers of the Gold Stream
81. Beaver Jim; or, The Trail of the Secret Brotherhood
122. Scarlet Face, the Renegade; or, The White Chief of the Shawnees

New York Weekly

An Active Partner. A Real Life Incident
Aunt Barbara's Diamonds. A Story for Christmas
Aunt Deborah's Cottage
Beaver Jim; or, The Trail of the Secret Brotherhood
The Blind Lady In White
Blowing 'Em Up; or, Molly Strap and the Regulators
A Brave Young Girl
The Broom-Maker's Apprentice
Buckskin Joe: The Prairie Guide
A Burglar in the House
A Changed Woman
Chased By A Catamount. A True Incident of Backwood's Life
David Gaunt's Dream
The Defamers Silenced
A Determined Woman
The Doctor's Widow
A Fortune Escape
How He Saved The Farm
How Jane Lost Her New Dress
Life Sketches of David Cummidge: Pioneer, Hunter, and Indian Slayer
The Little Tailor's Protegee. The Story of a Foundling
A Lover's Artifice
The lover's device
The Man With The Long Nose
A Marvelous Coincidence
Morrison's Vindication
A Mysterious Disappearance
A Night on the Prairies
The Owl-Tree Mystery. A Genuine Ghost Story
A Perilous Passage
The Pioneers of Ascott
The Rangers of Gold Stream
The Romance of a Hat
Saved by a Dog
She Married For Love
A Sin and its Atonement
Striking Oil
Susan Wilde's Choice
The Tell-Tale Ring
A Tough Tussle with a Bear
The tragedy at Langley's ranche
True to the Last
The Two Gold Dollars