The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - St. Meyer, Ned

"Ned St. Meyer" is apparently a pseudonym, but the true name of the author is not certainly known. "Ned St. Meyer" wrote two stories for the Nugget Library: No. 50, "Match; or, The Golden Wedding at Turkey Hollow," and No. 56, "Match as a Fakir; or, The Pumpkinville County Fair." Both stories appeared in the early 1890's. It is possible that Cornelius Shea or Edward Stratemeyer was using this name, for both of them were writing at this time for the Nugget Library, which was published by Street and Smith. None of Edward Stratemeyer's stories, however, appeared in this "library" under his own name. Under the name "Ned St. Meyer" two stories were published in the Banner Weekly: "Plucky Dan, the Boy Spy-Detective," begun as a serial in No. 500, and "Idaho Matt, the Boy Avenger," begun in No. 608. While neither Shea's nor Stratemeyer's daughter can recall the name "Ned St. Meyer," the pseudonym strongly suggests Ned (Edward) St(rate)meyer. However, until further evidence is found, the stories will be separately listed.

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Items with "St. Meyer, Ned" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Idaho Matt, The Boy Avenger; or, Trapping the Eagle Mountain Dozen
Plucky Dan, The Boy Spy-Detective; or, A Greenhorn On Guard

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

976. Plucky Dan, The Boy Spy-Detective; or, A Greenhorn On Guard
1017. Detective Matt's Man-Hunt, or, Downing the Desperate Dozen