The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Payne, Harold, 1849-1895

Pseudonym For: Kelly, George C., 1849-1890

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Items with "Payne, Harold, 1849-1895" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

The Gold Brick Sharps; or, The Arch Schemer's Jugglery, A Story of the Mystic Brotherhood
The Young Skipper's Bonanza; or, Wrecked Among Spanish Sharkers, A Story of the South Pacific Treasure-Hunt

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

843. Dan, the River Sport; or, Foiling the Frisco Sharps. A Story of the Mississippi
892. Bowery Ben in Chinatown; or, Sam Ling, the East Side Sport
911. Bowery Bob, the East-Side Detective; or, Spotting the Shady Sharpers
952. The Circus Detective; or, Bareback Billy's Big Round-Up
984. Scaler Sam, Detective, of Hook and Ladder 6; or, Scorching the Sheeny Fire-Bugs
1028. The Young Skipper's Bonanza; or, Wrecked Among Spanish Sharkers, A Story of the South Pacific Treasure-Hunt

Beadle's New York Dime Library

Detective Burr's Foil; or, A Cunning Woman's Strategy
Inspector Williams' Great Case; or, The Arch Schemer's Jugglery. A Story of the Mystic Brotherhood
680. XX, the Fatal Clue; or, Detective Burr's Master Case. A Romance of the Silent Tragedy
690. The Matchless Detective; or, Thad Burr's Marvelous Case. A Tale of the Newburg Mystery
698. Thad Burr, the Invincible; or, Tracing the "L" Clew. A Story of Remarkable Detective Work in the Great City
706. Detective Burr's Seven Clues; or, The Studio Crime
713. Detective Burr's Spirit Chase; or, The Mystery of No. 13
728. Detective Burr, the Headquarters Special; or, The Great Shadowers Baffling Case. A Story of False Clues and a Woman's Art
742. Detective Burr among the New York Thugs; or, The Clean-Out of the Night-Hawks
784. Thud Burr's Death Drop; or, The Clue of the S.S.S.
792. The Wall Street Sharper's Snap; or, The Bank Cashier's Clue
798. The Riverside Drive Death-Mystery; or, Detective Burr's Lunatic Witness. The Story of the Tragedy of the Rocks
806. The Grand Street Gold-Dust Sharpers; or, Shadowing Sheeny Sam's Silent Seven
813. The Sham Spotter's Shrewd Scheme; or Detective Burr's Diamond Drop. The Story of the Mortimer Millions
821. The Tramp Shadower's Backer; or, Unraveling the Umbrella Clue
829. The Frisco Sharper's Cool Hand; or, Routing the Rookery Crooks. The Mystery of the Crewless Craft of Burling Slip
836. The Policy Broker's Blind; or, Detective Burr's Police Puzzle
844. Tracked to Chicago; or, Thad Burr's Great Trunk Mystery
853. The Quaker City Crook; or, Thad Burr's Fight for a Million. A Story of Philadelphia and New York
861. The Tenderloin Big Four; or, Colonel Bob's Trump Backer
872. The King-Pin Shark; or, Thad Burr's Ten Strike
883. The Man from Mexico in New York; or, Turning Down the Shylock Pawnbroker. A Story of Detective Burr's Wall Street Stroke

The Choice Series

125. The Meredith Marriage

Eagle Library

390. A Mutual Vow; or, The Meredith Marriage

Madison Square Series

167. The Meredith Marriage

The Popular Series

110. The Meredith Marriage