The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Payne, Harold, 1849-1895

Pseudonym For: Kelly, George C., 1849-1890

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Items with "Payne, Harold, 1849-1895" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

The Gold Brick Sharps; or, The Arch Schemer's Jugglery, A Story of the Mystic Brotherhood
The Young Skipper's Bonanza; or, Wrecked Among Spanish Sharkers, A Story of the South Pacific Treasure-Hunt

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

843. Dan, the river sport, or, Foiling the Frisco sharp
892. Bowery Ben, in Chinatown, or, Sam Ling, the East side sport
911. Bowery Bob, the East Side detective, or, Spotting the shady sharpers
952. The circus detective, or, Bareback Billy's big round-up
984. Scaler Sam, detective of Hook and Ladder 6, or, Scorching the sheeny fire-bugs
1028. The Young Skipper's Bonanza; or, Wrecked Among Spanish Sharkers, A Story of the South Pacific Treasure-Hunt

Beadle's New York Dime Library

Detective Burr's foil, or, A cunning woman's strategy
Inspector Williams' Great Case; or, The Arch Schemer's Jugglery. A Story of the Mystic Brotherhood
680. XX, the fatal clue, or, Detective Burr's master case
690. The matchless detective, or, Thad Burr's marvelous case
698. Thad Burr the invincible, or, Tracing the "L" clew
706. Detective Burr's seven clues, or, The studio crime
713. Detective Burr's spirit chase, or, The mystery of no. 13
728. Detective Burr the headquarters special, or, The great shadower's baffling case
742. Detective Burr among the New York thugs, or, The clean out of the Night Hawks
784. Thad Burr's death drop, or, The clue of the S.S.S.
792. The Wall Street sharper's snap, or, The bank cashier's clue
798. The Riverside Drive death-mystery, or, Detective Burr's lunatic witness
806. The Grand Street gold-dust sharpers, or, Shadowing Sheeny Sam's silent seven
813. The sham spotter's shrewd scheme, or, Detective Burr's diamond drop
821. The tramp shadower's backer, or, Unraveling the umbrella clue
829. The Frisco Sharper's cool hand, or, Routing the rookery crooks
836. The policy brokers blind, or, Detective Burr's policy puzzle
844. Tracked to Chicago, or, Thad Burr's great trunk mystery
853. The Quaker City crook, or, Thad Burr's fight for a million
861. The tenderloin big four, or, Colonel Bob's trump backer
872. The king-pin shark, or, Detective Thad Burr's ten-strike
883. The man from Mexico in New York, or, Turning down the shylock pawnbroker

The Choice Series

125. The Meredith Marriage

Eagle Library

390. A Mutual Vow; or, The Meredith Marriage

Madison Square Series

167. The Meredith Marriage

The Popular Series

110. The Meredith Marriage