The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Kelly, George C., 1849-1890

Pseudonyms: Absinthe, Pere; Howard, Bob; Payne, Harold, 1849-1895

George C. Kelly, newspaper man and writer of novelettes under the pen name "Harold Payne," was born in Ireland in 1849(1) and died in Brooklyn, New York, July 24, 1895. He lived in New York, where he had a wife, one son and two daughters, but kept a room at 136 Concord Street, Brooklyn, so that he could work undisturbed and in quiet. The newspapers announcing his death had little to say about him except that he jumped or fell into Prospect Park Lake, Brooklyn, after having slashed his throat. Kelly had written many novelettes, but also had had a number of his books appear in cloth binding. "The Gilded Fly" had been published in St. Paul in 1892. "The Meredith Marriage," published by Dillingham, had appeared less than two weeks before his death, and "Queen of Finesse" came out not long before.

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Items with "Kelly, George C., 1849-1890" as Cited Author

Log Cabin Library

88. Who Shot Chief Henessey; or, The New Orleans Dagoes
92. The Birchall-Bentwell Tragedy; or, Tracing a Mysterious Crime
137. Gentleman Jo

Log Cabin Library (Pocket Edition)

240. The Birchall-Benwell Tragedy

Items with "Kelly, George C., 1849-1890" as Credited Author

Idle Moments Series

18. The Gilded Fly: A Political Satire