The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Armstrong, Alexander

Pseudonym: Author of "Battling for Life"

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Items with "Armstrong, Alexander" as Cited Author

Boys of New York

Cast up By the Waves; or, The Adventures of a Boy Crusoe

Items with "Armstrong, Alexander" as Credited Author

All Around Weekly

Master Moloch
A red trail
A Villain's Plot

Boys of New York

The White Wizard of the Bowery; or, The Boy Slaves of New York

Fame and Fortune Weekly

Abandoned in a mine
Adventure with an elephant
Betrayed by a letter
The Boy diplomat; or, Young America at the court of St. James
The business boys of Blyburne, or, How the Wheel Club saved the town
Chased by wolves
A cunning criminal's end
Doctor night-owl
An encounter with savages
The female burglar
Grit and gold, or, Working for a fortune
A gypsy queen
In the Klondike, or, A brave fight for gold and fame
A lady's hat
The lost postcard
Marvels of the Maine Woods
The Mexican outlaw
The mountain maniac
The secret of the cross of gold
Our mysterious boarder
A polite road agent
The post-boy's luck
A red trail
The robber of Devil's Pool
The romance of Island Cave
Rory Redmond's prize
Saved at sea
The snake woman
The solved mystery
Stealing a locomotive
Victoria, the refugee
Wild ranch life in New South Wales
A woman detective
The yellow hand

The Five-Cent Weekly Library

7. The Phantom of the Waves

Pluck and Luck

Adventures with devil-fish
A desperate deal, or, True to his honor
Faithful Selim
An iron-bound keg, or, The error that cost a life
The mysterious husband
The secret of the cross of gold
The mystery of the deep
A red trail
The tidal train
Wild ranch life in New South Wales

Wide Awake Library

457. The wolf of the waves
482. The Phantom of the Waves
576. King Morgan, the terror of the seas