The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Arey, H. E. G. (Harriett Ellen Grannis), 1819-

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Name and pseudonym information derived from "The Authors and Their Novels" in Albert Johannsen's House of Beadle & Adams. Johannsen reports death in 1901.

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Items with "Arey, H. E. G. (Harriett Ellen Grannis), 1819-" as Credited Author

The Home

Bingen on the Rhine
The Cave at Mills Falls
Forty Years—A Birthday Lyric
Glitter and Gold
Kate and I
Mercy's Dream
The Minstrel's Heritage
A Mother's Prayer
My Neighbor's Step-Son
Nellie M'Graw
Regina Thayer
The Right Light
A School Teacher's First Chapter
Scraps From Here And There
Silent Influence
Sunday Morning
Tale of Two Tubs; or, The Way I Became Acquainted With My Sister Emily
Victoria I
Where Are the Flowers? Answer to the Questioning of a Child
Which Way?
Without and Within; or, Streetsides and Firesides
The Woman At The Well

The Youth's Casket