The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Robinson, F. W. (Frederick William), 1830-1901

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Items with "Robinson, F. W. (Frederick William), 1830-1901" as Author

American Series

203. The Keeper of the Keys

Belmore Series

16. The Wrong That was Done

The Bertha Clay Library

212. The Man She Cared For
227. The Courting of Mary Smith

F. W. Robinson Series

1. One and Twenty. A Novel.
2. Wildflower. A Novel.
3. Grandmother's Money
4. Sweet Nineteen; or, Woodleigh
5. Under the Spell. A Novel.
6. The House of Elmore. A Family History.
7. Anne Judge, Spinster
8. Ruth Garnet; or, Loves of the Earl of Rochester
9. The Heirs of Derwentwater
10. Old Noll; or, The Days of the Ironsides
11. Heads and Hearts; or, My Brother, the Colonel
12. The Secretary; or, Circumstantial Evidence
13. Shira. A Novel.
14. Omi, A Novel

Family Fiction

Jacob and Polly

Favorite Library of Choice Fiction

32. A Fair Maid

Fireside Series (Hovendon)

33. The Courting of Mary Smith

The Keystone Library

483. The Man She Cared For
484. The Courting of Mary Smith
485. A Fair Maid

Library of Select Novels

249. Mattie: A Stray
258. Carry's Confession
295. No Man's Friend
313. Poor Humanity
339. Stern Necessity
343. True to Herself
375. A Bridge of Glass
383. A Girl's Romance and Other Tales
403. Her Face was Her Fortune
466. As Long as She Lived
494. For Her Sake
495. Second Cousin Sarah
496. Little Kate Kirby

Lovell's Household Library

162. The Courting of Mary Smith
164. The Man She Cared For

Lovell's International Series

57. Our Erring Brother
63. A Very Strange Family
109. The Keeper of the Keys

Waverley Library (quarto edition)

107. Poor Zeph!