The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Cowdrick, J. C. (Jesse C.), 1859-1899

Pseudonyms: Arizona Cy; Cy, Arizona, 1859-1899; The City Items Scribe

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Items with "Cowdrick, J. C. (Jesse C.), 1859-1899" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Al Johnson
The Americanized Chinaman
Bagley's Find
The Barber Just Over the Way
Ben Tyson's Girl
Bill Tanner, Chief
A Brother's Ordeal
A Chapter on Donations
The Colorado Detective-Expert; or, Cool John's Tug with the City Sharps and Sharks, A Tale of Denver and New York
The Conspirator Detective; or, Prince Monte Cristo in New York
The Digger Indian's Clever Trick
The District School Teacher
Do We Miss Thee At Home?
Doctor Durkee's Devil
An Engineer Who Skated
An Engineer's Story
The Engineers Who Skated
A Fable in Rhyme
Fifty, Minus One
Four Aces and A King
"Haythin Chinees"
His First Spree
How Harding Found His Wife
How to Make a Woman Happy
"I've Done My Level Best"
Ironclad Hulk, A Reminiscence of California
"Jeff Parsons's Yaller Dorg"
Jem Patterson and the Steel Trap
Jubilee Joe, The Chain-Light Detective; or, The Lamb in the Wolf's Den
Kid-Glove Kris, the Sport; or, Detective Dave's Full Flush, A Romance of the Pledged Pards of Hard Pan Camp
The Land Where the Sun Goes Down
Little Dorrit
"Mee-Too", A Reminiscence of a Big Horn Camp
Modern Scribes and Pharisees
Mulligan on the Home-Stretch
Mulligan on the Pacific Slope
My Mother's Favorite Song
My Telephone Bride
Ned Wilson's Ride
Ohm's Law
Old Abe's Bad Fix
Old Billy Blossom
Old Joe Peter's Catastrophe
Only a Scrap-Book
A Paean
The Round-About-Town Sport; or, The Lawyer Detective's Tangle, An Episode of New York City Courts and Life
Saved By a Dream
The Sister's Avenger
Spirit Eyes
Stories Told in the Round House: Jim Harding's Wild Ride
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Bad Scare
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Daring Deed
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Dog by Telegraph
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Hot Chase
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Hungry Hole
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Narrow Escape
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Peculiar Situation
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Race for Life
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Train of Fire
Stories Told in the Round-House: Billy Sharp's Bad Fright
Stories Told in the Round-House: Billy Sharp's Passenger
Stories Told in the Round-House: Dick Tanner's Brave Wife
Stories Told in the Round-House: III. A Close Call
Stories Told in the Round-House: IV. The Haunted Tunnel
Stories Told in the Round-House: Jim Harding's Runaway Train
Stories Told in the Round-House: Joe Carter's Dream
Stories Told in the Round-House: Losing a Locamotive
Stories Told in the Round-House: Mr. Swan's Ghost Story
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Ass't Sup't's Story
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Flying Dutchman's Chase
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Haunted Caboose
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Lindenfield Ghost
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Man from Banksville
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Phantom Train
Stories Told in the Round-House: Tommy Bender's Story
Stories Told in the Round-House: Train Robbers
Stories Told in the Round-House: Two Days in a Snowdrift
Stories Told in the Round-House: Uncle Jake's Johnny
Stories Told in the Round-House: V. A Novel Case
Stories Told in the Round-House: VI. Saved by Chance
Tales of Railroad Life: An Exciting Chase
Tales of Railroad Life: Astonished Freight Thieves
Tales of Railroad Life: How Convicts Stole a Locomotive
Tales of Railroad Life: How Sam Won His Wife
Tales of Railroad Life: Reminiscences by Billy Long
Tales of Railroad Life: Some Reminiscences
Tales of Railroad Life: The Dorking Bank Thieves
Tales of Railroad Life: The Phantom Train
Tales of Railroad Life: The Trackwalker's Story
Tales of Railroad Life: Uncle Paul's Narrow Escape
A Telegrapher's Story
The Tiger Ring
To an Old Copper Cent
Uncle Lige and the Black Minks
A Warm Reception
What Telegraphers Hear

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

Broadway Billy's bank racket, or, The city detective's big haul
Broadway Billy's bargain, or, The three detectives in Denver
Broadway Billy's bluff, or, The mute Chinaman among the crooks
360. Silver-Mask, the man of mystery, or, The cross of the golden keys
369. Shasta, the gold king, or, For seven years dead
420. The detective's apprentice, or, A boy without a name
424. Cibuta John, the prickly pear from Cactus Plains, or, Red-hot times at Ante-Bar
439. Sandy Sam, the street scout, or, A neat piece of work
467. Disco Dan, the Daisy Dude, or, The twins of Poor-man's Find
490. Broadway Billy, the bootblack bravo, or, Brought to bay by a bold boy
506. Redlight Ralph, the prince of the road, or, A wild night's wild work
514. Broadway Billy's boodle, or, Clearing up a strange case
524. The engineer detective, or, Redlight Ralph's resolve
536. Broadway Billy's "diffikilty," or, Old Rodman's millions
548. Mart, the night express detective, or, The mystery at Springside
557. Broadway Billy's death racket, or, The street arab's wake
571. Air-Line Luke, the engineer detective, or, The double case
579. The chimney spy, or, Broadway Billy's surprise-party
592. The boy Pinkerton, or, How Tom Hildreth run the rascals down
605. William o'Broadway, or, The boy detective's big innings
615. Fighting Harry, the chief of Chained Cyclone, or, The heathen Chinee's mission
628. Broadway Billy's dead act, or, The League of the Sworn Seven
640. Bareback Beth, the centaur of the circle, or, The course conspirators' last campaign
647. Typewriter Tilly, the merchant's ward, or, Amateur detective against professional
659. Moonlight Morgan, the "pizenest" man of Ante Bar, or Cibuta John's champion chase
669. Broadway Billy abroad, or, The bootblack bravo in San Francisco
675. Broadway Billy's best, or, Beating San Francisco's finest
687. Broadway Billy in clover, or, The ruction at Lake Tulare
696. Broadway Billy in Texas, or, Rounding up the Red River rustlers
703. Broadway Billy's brand, or, The New York delegates in Hard-Up Camp
711. Broadway Billy at Sante-Fé, or, The pard detectives' clever deal
720. Broadway Billy's full hand, or, The gamin detective's double snap at Santa Fe
735. Broadway Billy's business, or, Waking up Wind Canyon Camp
738. Broadway Billy's curious case, or, The mysterious disappearance at Manitou Springs
753. Broadway Billy in Denver, or, The on-the-catch combination
762. Broadway Billy's bargain, or, The three detectives in Denver
769. Broadway Billy the retriever detective, or, How the city buzzards were brought in
775. Broadway Billy's shadow chase, or, Materializing the spooks
783. Broadway Billy's beagles, or, The detective trio's uncanny quest
786. Broadway Billy's team, or, The detective combine's big pull
790. Broadway Billy's brigade, or, The case of the dead alive
796. Broadway Billy's queer bequest, or, Sifting the Santvoord secret
800. Broadway Billy baffled, or, The team's toughest tug
805. Broadway Billy's signal scoop, or, The strangest case on record
810. Broadway Billy's wipe-out, or, The gentleman tramp
821. Broadway Billy's bluff, or, The mute Chinaman among the crooks
826. Broadway Billy among Jersey thugs, or, The night hawks of North River
833. Broadway Billy rattled, or, The Italian's doubles
839. Broadway Billy's big boom, or, Cornering counterfeit crooks
844. Broadway Billy's big bulge, or, Running in the life insurance conspirators
849. Broadway Billy's $100,000 snap, or, Deputy Detective Ticket's trump
856. The bootblack stowaway, or, Broadway Billy's blind
862. Broadway Billy in London, or, Scotland Yard's New York special
868. Broadway Billy shadows London slums, or, The mysterious Whitechapel tragedy
874. Broadway Billy's French game, or, The miner millionaire among the sharpers of Paris
880. Broadway Billy and the bomb-throwers, or, The detective queen of Paris
887. Battery Bob, the dock detective, or, Rounding up the Western sharp
894. Arizona Dick's wipe-out, or, Dare-devil Dave's death-trap
900. Jumping Jack's jubilee, or, The circus queen's shadower
906. Safety Sam, the cycle sport, or, High hustling at Silver City
912. Train-Boy Trist's hot hustle, or, Bouncing the Broadway crook
918. The trump dock-boy, or, Too sharp for the Jersey sharper
924. Big Boots Bob, the fire-laddie, or, The Dandy Detective's double-up
930. Rustler Ralph, the boy spotter, or, Jigger's grand bulge
935. The ex-newsboy detective's chum, or, Bob Buckle's big inning
941. The Bowling Green detective's drop, or, Limerick Larry's big boom
944. Cowboy Charlie's double, or, The warbler from Whistleville
947. The Bowery Wrestler, the pride of the Sixth Ward, or, The butcher-boy's backer
953. Paddy's trump card, or, Silver Sallie, the girl sport
960. The Broadway Sport, or, Flyer Fred's clear case
967. $1000 reward, or, The rival reporter's sleek scoop
973. Bantam Billy the corker-ferret, or, Dan Duncan's double drop
978. Plucky Pat the street boy detective, or, The Chinaman's circus
989. Bicycle Bob's hot scorch, or, Shaking up the street-steerers
997. Scorcher Sam, the detective on wheels, or, The sensation at Washington Heights
1004. Scorcher Sam's sweep-stakes, or, Bicycle Bess, the boulevard belle detective
1009. The girl-cyclist's winning hand, or, Scorcher Sam's death-hole drop
1090. Jubilee Joe, the chain-lightning detective, or, The lamb in the wolf's den

Beadle's New York Dime Library

390. The giant cupid, or, Cibuta John's great jubilee
422. Blue Grass Burt, the gold star detective, or, To duty bound--to vengeance sworn
436. Kentucky Jean, the sport from Yellow Pine, or, Blue-Eyed Belle of bended bow
452. Rainbow Rob, the tulip from Texas, or, The spot saint's mission
473. Gilbert of Gotham, the steel arm detective, or, Fighting the powers of air
499. Twilight Charlie, the road sport, or, Sulphur Sam's double
519. Old Riddles, the rocky ranger, or, The reservation castaways
557. The mountain graybeards, or, Old Riddle's greatest riddle
565. Prince Paul, the postman detective, or, Crushing a serpent's head
580. Shadowing a shadow, or, The Pacific slope detective's triple trail
591. Duke Daniels the society detective, or, Caging the uncanny birds
598. The Dominie Detective, or, The Deedham sensation
612. Sheriff Stillwood, the regulator of Raspberry, or, The "suspects" from Frisco
626. Ducats Dion, the nabob sport detective, or, The sealed secret of the copper coffin
752. The suspect sport of Daisy Drift, or, The hounded detective
958. The round-about-town sport, or, The lawyer detective's tangle
978. Prince Monte Cristo in New York, or, The conspirator detective
983. Kid-Glove Kris, the sport, or, Detective Dave's full flush
1016. The sport from Denver, or, Cool John's tug with the city sharps and sharks

Beadle's Pocket Library

321. Billy, the kid from Texas, or, Silver-Mask's clew
345. Jaques, the hardpan detective; or, Captain Frisco, the road-agent

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

How Harding Found His Wife