The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Gordon, James A., General

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Items with "Gordon, James A., General" as Credited Author

Pluck and Luck

Arnold's Shadow, or, The Traitor's Nemesis. A Story of the American Revolution
The Boy Cavalry Scout; or, Life in the Saddle. A Thrilling Story of the Civil War
The iron grays, or, The boy riders of the Rapidan
Lightning Lew, the Boy Scout; Perils in the West
Loyal to the last, or, Fighting for the Stars and Stripes
Napoleon's Irish Spy; or, Larry the Lugger
Percy Greville, the scout of Valley Forge
Rattling Rube; or, The Jolly Young Scout and Spy. A Story of the American Revolution
Running Rob; or, Mad Anthony's Rollicking Scout. A Tale of the American Revolution
Sent to Siberia, or, The strange adventures of two American boys
The spy of Spuyten Duyvil, or, The boy with a charmed life
Twenty boy spies, or, The secret band of Dismal Hollow
Whirlwind Jack; or, Captain Heald's Boy Messenger
200. Moll Pitcher's Boy; or, As Brave as His Mother
223. At 12 O'Clock; or, The Mystery of the Light House. A Story of the Revolution