The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Pierce, Jo, 1852-1929

Pseudonym For: Manning, William H. (William Henry), 1852-1929

Pseudonym: Halliday, Ben, 1852-1929

Stories credited to "Ben D. Halliday" in the Banner Weekly were republished under the name "Jo Pierce" in the Half-Dime Library.(1) According to Patten, "Ben Halliday" was a pseudonym of Manning, consequently "Jo Pierce" also was one of Manning's pen names. For novels given under the name Pierce, see Manning.

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Items with "Pierce, Jo, 1852-1929" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Fifth Avenue Fred, the Valet Detective; or, A Corner in Rogues
Gamin Bob, The Bowery Badger; or, Scooping a Slippery Set
Paul, the Wharf-Rat; or, The Detective's Sharp Game. The Story of the Seagrief Rackett

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

397. Bob o' the bowery, or, The prince of Mulberry Street
415. The vagabond detective, or, Bowery Bob's boom
452. Hotspur Bob, the street boy detective, or, Foul play and fair
460. The lawyer's shadow, or, Level-headed Luke's legacy
472. Jaunty Joe the young horse king, or, Black Jack's big boom
494. Surly Sim, the young ferryman detective, or, The Black Bluffs mystery
504. Five Points Phil, the pavement prince, or, Caught in the spider's web
516. Tartar Tim, or, Five Points Phil's menagerie
526. North River Nat, the pier detective, or, Five Points Phil's big skirmish
533. Wrestling Rex, the pride of the sixth ward, or, Five Points Phil and the birds of prey
541. Jeff Flicker, the stable boy detective, or, The lively racket in Jericho
551. Nick Nettle, the boy shadow, or, The old well mystery
559. Harlem Jack, the office boy detective, or, The cousin's crime
569. Brooklyn Ben, the on-his-own-hook detective, or, Ned Chester's very bad case
577. Pavement Pete, the secret-sifter, or, Mrs. Jingle's suspicious lodger
588. Jack O'Lantern, the under-sea prospector, or, The friend indeed
603. Wide Awake Bert, the street steerer, or, The member from 'way back
614. Whistling Jacob, the detective's aid, or, The queer combination
639. Sunrise Saul, the express train ferret, or, The lame horse miner's quest
649. Gamin Bob, The Bowery Badger; or, Scooping a Slippery Set
658. Sky-Rocket Rob, the life-saver, or, The storm-waif of Giant's Boot
683. Saltpeter Sol, the New York navigator, or, The unseen enemy
694. Spicy Jim, the only one of his kind, or, Heading off the crooks
706. Tom Thistle, the road-house detective, or, The Harlem sport's star-faced pacer
717. Mosquito Jack, the hustler gamin, or, Move-on Mike's grand catch
726. Dennis Duff, the brown sports kid, or, The covers and blinds of Gotham
744. Dick of the Docks, the night watch, or, The water waif's dead past
765. Flipper Flynn the Street Patrol, or, Knocking out the kidnappers
771. Foxy Fred's Odd Pard; or, The Keener's Huge Hustle. A Romance of the Strange Otis Case
781. Cast-off Cale, the scapegoat detective, or, Sailing under false colors
824. Bowery Billy the bunco bouncer, or, The Maine log-driver in New York
830. The Grim Lodgers of Rag Alley; or, Citizen Rube of Number Seven. A Romance of Fourth Ward Life in New York
837. The big four of the Bowery, or, Detective Bob, the rattler
846. Buck, the New York Sharper; or, The Gotham Cricket in Cover
850. The Grand Street Arab; or, Caleb Cinders, the New York Castaway
855. The West Broadway Gamin; or, Toddles, the Tramp, in Clover. A Story of Good-for-Nothing Jerry, the Ex-Bootblack
860. The Boat-Club Mascot; or, Dan Decker's Double Deal
864. The Union Square Baggage-Boy; or, Kris Chatterbox, the Pavement Guide
878. The Street Arab's Blind; or, Scooping the Swindler Scamps. A Story of Unlucky Joe's New York Life
886. The Five Points Lodging-House Janitor; or, Monk Merry's Italian Bouncers. A Story of the Prodigy of Paradise Park
890. Ace High, the Trump-Card Detective; or, Old Nat Hicks in New York. A Story of Messenger 999
895. Fifth Avenue Fred, the Valet Detective; or, A Corner in Rogues
899. Basement Bert, the Boy Cobbler Detective; or, On the War-Path for Crooked Scalps
907. Reddy Rusher, the bellboy detective, or, Chowder Johnny's snag-strike
915. Flip Flasher ferret, of East Broadway, or, The fire-bug's booty
938. The sport of two cities, or, Jingo Jim's jamboree
950. The steeple climber's close call, or, The East Side roughs of the tower
970. Ahoy Abe, the Dock Sharp; or, The Parson's Mysterious Mission. A Romance of a Shore Cruise for Sea Sharks
987. Paul, the Wharf-Rat; or, The Detective's Blind. A Story of the Seagrief Racket
994. Billy Bowers' street scouts, or, Raiding the rolling rock