The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Pierce, Jo, 1852-1929

Pseudonym For: Manning, William H. (William Henry), 1852-1929

Pseudonym: Halliday, Ben, 1852-1929

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Stories credited to "Ben D. Halliday" in the Banner Weekly were republished under the name "Jo Pierce" in the Half-Dime Library.(1) According to Patten, "Ben Halliday" was a pseudonym of Manning, consequently "Jo Pierce" also was one of Manning's pen names. For novels given under the name Pierce, see Manning.

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Items with "Pierce, Jo, 1852-1929" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Fifth Avenue Fred, the Valet Detective; or, A Corner in Rogues
Gamin Bob, The Bowery Badger; or, Scooping a Slippery Set
Paul, the Wharf-Rat; or, The Detective's Sharp Game. The Story of the Seagrief Rackett

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

397. Bob o' the Bowery; or, The Prince of Mulberry Street
415. The Vagabond Detective; or, Bowery Bob's Boom
452. Hotspur Bob, the Street Boy Detective; or, Foul Play and Fair
460. The Lawyer's Shadow; or, Level-Headed Luke's Legacy
472. Jaunty Joe, the Young Horse King; or, Black Jack's Big Boom
494. Surly Sim, the Young Ferryman Detective; or, The Black Bluffs Mystery
504. Five Points Phil, the Pavement Prince; or, Caught in the Spider's Web
509. Jack Jaggars, the Butcher Boy Detective; or, How Five Points Phil Caught On to a Blind Trail
516. Tartar Tim; or, Five Points Phil's Menagerie
526. North River Nat, the Pier Detective; or, Five Points Phil's Big Skirmish
533. Wrestling Rex, the Pride of the Sixth Ward; or, Five Points Phil and the Birds of Prey
541. Jeff Flicker, the Stable Boy Detective; or, The Lively Racket in Jericho
551. Nick Nettle, the Boy Shadow; or, The Old Well Mystery
559. Harlem Jack, the Office Boy Detective; or, The Cousin's Crime
569. Brooklyn Ben, the On-His-Own-Hook Detective; or, Ned Chester's Very Bad Case. A Tale of Two Cities
577. Pavement Pete, the Secret Sifter; or, Mrs. Jingle's Suspicious Lodger
588. Jack o' Lantern, the Under-Sea Prospector; or, The Friend Indeed. A Romance of the Pirate's Legacy
603. Wide-Awake Bert, the Street-Steerer; or, The Member from 'Way-Back
614. Whistling Jacob, the Detective's Aid; or, The Queer Combination
623. Buck Bumblebee, the Harlem Hummer; or, The Old Captain's Moving Miracle
639. Sunrise Saul, the Express-Train Ferret; or, The Lame-Horse Miner's Quest
649. Gamin Bob, The Bowery Badger; or, Scooping a Slippery Set
658. Sky-Rocket Rob, the Life-Saver; or, The Storm-Waif of Giant's Boot
683. Saltpeter Sol, the New York Navigator; or, The Unseen Enemy. The Romance of a Blind Cruise
694. Spicy Jim, the Only One of His Kind; or, Heading Off the Crooks
706. Tom Thistle, the Road-House Detective; or, The Harlem Sport's Star-Faced Pacer
717. Mosquito Jack, the Hustler Gamin; or Move-On Mike's Grand Catch
726. Dennis Duff, the Brown Sport's Kid; or, The Covers and Blinds of Gotham
744. Dick of the Docks, the Night-Watch; or, The Water Waif's Dead Past
765. Flipper Flynn, the Street Patrol; or, Knocking Out the Kidnappers
771. Foxy Fred's Odd Pard; or, The Keener's Huge Hustle. A Romance of the Strange Otis Case
781. Cast-Off Cale, the Scapegoat Detective; or, Sailing under False Colors. The Story of the Hot Hustle at Swagger Alley
824. Bowery Billy, the Bunco Bouncer; or, The Maine Log-Driver in New York
830. The Grim Lodgers of Rag Alley; or, Citizen Rube of Number Seven. A Romance of Fourth Ward Life in New York
837. The Big Four of the Bowery; or, Detective Bob, the Rattler
846. Buck, the New York Sharper; or, The Gotham Cricket in Cover
850. The Grand Street Arab; or, Caleb Cinders, the New York Castaway
855. The West Broadway Gamin; or, Toddles, the Tramp, in Clover. A Story of Good-for-Nothing Jerry, the Ex-Bootblack
860. The Boat-Club Mascot; or, Dan Decker's Double Deal
864. The Union Square Baggage-Boy; or, Kris Chatterbox, the Pavement Guide
878. The Street Arab's Blind; or, Scooping the Swindler Scamps. A Story of Unlucky Joe's New York Life
886. The Five Points Lodging-House Janitor; or, Monk Merry's Italian Bouncers. A Story of the Prodigy of Paradise Park
890. Ace High, the Trump-Card Detective; or, Old Nat Hicks in New York. A Story of Messenger 999
895. Fifth Avenue Fred, the Valet Detective; or, A Corner in Rogues
899. Basement Bert, the Boy Cobbler Detective; or, On the War-Path for Crooked Scalps
907. Reddy Rusher, the Bell-Boy Detective; or, Chowder Johnny's Snag-Strike
915. Flip Flasher, Ferret, of East Broadway; or, The Fire-Bug's Booty
938. The Sport of Two Cities; or, Jingo Jim's Jamboree
950. The Steeple Climber's Close Call; or, The East Side Roughs of the Tower
970. Ahoy Abe, the Dock Sharp; or, The Parson's Mysterious Mission. The Romance of a Shore Cruise for Sea Sharks
987. Paul, the Wharf-Rat; or, The Detective's Blind. A Story of the Seagrief Racket
994. Billy Bowers' Street Scouts; or, Raiding the Rolling Rock. A Story of a Missing New York Boat-Clubman

Beadle's Pocket Library

375. Bowery Bob, Detective; or, Blanca, the Tambourine Girl