The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Richards, J. P.

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Items with "Richards, J. P." as Credited Author

Pluck and Luck

Bob, the ice king, or, Out to find the pole
Bowery Ben, or, The boy without a name
The Count of Connemara; or, The Old Pirate's Treasure. A Romance of the Wild Western Coast
The girl he left behind, or, The hero of the 7th
Hurricane Hal, or, The boy who was born at sea
Lucky Joe Brown, or, The smartest boy in New York
Out for money, or, A poor boy's chance in a big city
Sent on the road, or, A smart boy in business
Simple Sam the poor boy, or, Not so green as he looked
Tatters, or, The boy who owned the hotel
Worth a million, or, A boy's fight for justice