The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Hoey, Cashel, Mrs.

Guess: Might match authorized Library of Congress name "Hoey, Frances Cashel, 1830-1908".

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Items with "Hoey, Cashel, Mrs." as Credited Author

Arrow Library

316. A Stern Chase

The Bertha Clay Library

204. The Lover's Creed

Brookside Library

161. The Question of Cain

Globe Library

91. The Queen's Token

The Keystone Library

360. The Lover's Creed
361. A Stern Chase

Library of Select Novels

378. A Golden Sorrow
435. The Blossoming of an Aloe

Munro's Library (Pocket)

261. The Lover's Creed
573. A Stern Chase

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

The Lover's Creed
493. A Golden Sorrow
901. The Blossoming of an Aloe
1170. A Question of Cain
1622. What Might Have Been

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

313. The Lover's Creed
802. A Stern Chase

Surprise Series (Hovendon/International Book Co.)

17. The Queen's Token