The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Stanley, Charlotte M.

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Items with "Stanley, Charlotte M." as Credited Author

American Novelists' Series

6. A Death-Bed Marriage
7. The Secret of a Birth

Atlantic Library

38. Sybill's Secret

Eagle Library

459. A Golden Mask
606. Mabel's Sacrifice
693. For Another's Fault
706. In Love's Paradise
714. Ethel's Secret
723. A Golden Sorrow
734. Sylvia, The Forsaken
756. Leola's Heart
764. Unbounded Faith, His
799. Between Good and Evil
812. Her Fateful Choice
823. Between Love and Coincidence
835. When the Heart Hungers
855. Could He Have Known
962. As Light As Air
1003. Mrs. Lorrimer's Folly
1032. Mabel's Sacrifice
1073. A Golden Sorrow
1084. Ethel's Secret
1093. For Another's Fault
1098. Leola's Heart
1109. Sylvia, The Forsaken
1119. In Love's Paradise
1133. Between Good and Evil
1157. Her Fateful Choice
1165. Unbounded Faith, His
1173. Could He Have Known
1221. When the Heart Hungers
1228. As Light As Air
1234. For Her Husband's Love
1249. Between Love and Coincidence
1294. Mrs. Lorrimer's Folly

Eden Series

89. A Deathbed Marriage
108. The Price of Happiness
117. The Secret of a Birth

Hart Series

73. Edna's Vow
97. Lost and Found

Laurel Library

95. A Misplaced Love
187. Her Second Choice
188. His Country Cousin
189. Frou-Frou

Library of American Authors

27. Her Second Choice
29. His Country Cousin
32. A Misplaced Love; or, The Rector's Daughter
47. Frou-Frou

Love Story Library

95. A Golden Sorrow
99. Sylvia, The Forsaken
105. Her Fateful Choice
119. Mabel's Sacrifice
125. Ethel's Secret
128. Leola's Heart
131. In Love's Paradise
162. For Another's Fault

The New York Fireside Companion

Mabel's Sacrifice

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

927. Frou-Frou

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

468. The Fortunes Good and Bad of a Sewing Girl