The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Glendower

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Items with "Glendower" as Credited Author

Good News

Almost a Murder
Caught in the Act

New York Weekly

Almost a Murder; or, A Villain Unmasked
Aunt Jerusha at the Circus
The Benedick's Wager; or, The Pleasures of a Wedding Party Destroyed by Smoke
A Captain "Laid Out"
Caught in the Act
A Few Blunders
Hoolahan's Joke
The Irish Indian; or, Satan Turned Highwayman
An Irishman's Vision; or, The Adventures of Tom Maginnis at the Grand Reception
A Lively Ghost
May-Day Experiences
The Medical Banquet. To Be Read After Dinner
Money-Getting Made Easy; or, The Confessions of a Patent Medicine Man
Notes from the Diary of an Intelligence Office-Keeper
Our Surprise Party
The Soldier's Return Prevented By A Calamity
A Week's Jump
A Well-Played Game

Nick Carter Weekly

Almost a Murder

Street & Smith's Literary Album

The Fenian balloon!