The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Calhoun, A. R. (Alfred Rochefort), 1844-

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Items with "Calhoun, A. R. (Alfred Rochefort), 1844-" as Credited Author

Boys' Home Library

12. Lost in the Canon. The Story of Sam Willett's Story of an Adventurous Sailor Boy

The Chicago Ledger

Almost an Empress

The Choice Series

6. Maud Morton

Eagle Library

444. Love's Trials

Laurel Library

16. Katrine, the Pride of Glen Air

Ledger Library

4. Maud Morton

Madison Square Series

172. Maud Morton

New York Ledger

Maud Morton

The Popular Series

33. Maud Morton

Saturday Night

The Beautiful Mormon!