The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Stanley, Clio

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Items with "Stanley, Clio" as Credited Author

The Chicago Ledger

Lenny's Mistake

New York Weekly

At Daybreak
At My Window
At Nightfall
At the Last
Aunt Sue's Games
Black and White Days
Can I Forget?
A Daisy
Dissolving Views
Ellie Strong's New Year
The End of the Tune
Gretta's Valentine
History of my Odd Name
In Her Own Words
Judge Not
Lenny's Mistake
Little by Little
Little Housekeepers
Little Prue
Little Willy
Never Too Late
On The Death Of A Beloved Sister
Out of the World
The Perverse Invalid. A Lesson for Wayward Wives
The Shadow of a Sin
Tanti Est
A True Saying
Under the Eye Eternal
The Village Church
What Came of a Valentine
When Fades the Flower
While the Day Lasts
The World of Vapor