The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Courtney, Claudie Vincent

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Items with "Courtney, Claudie Vincent" as Credited Author

Good News

Our Father

New York Weekly

Bertie and I
The Circus Boy
Died in California
Eighteen To-Day
Ellie Milking the Cows
Fishing With The Boys
For a Friend's Scrap-Book
A Fragment
From a Schoolmate
Harry. Died April 20, 1867. Aged 22 Months.
I Would Not Marry
Janey's White Dress
June Berries. Inscribed to Lyman and Aleelie
"Married at Last"
Married To-Day
My Choice of Flowers
My Cradle
"My Maimee"
On Leaving My Early Home
One Little Act
Only a Flower
Our Father
Remembrances of Jane
A Reply
Riverside Memories
Song of the Mississippi
To My Mother in Germany
To My Schoolmates
To Rosa, in California
Uncle Thomas
Where is Frankie?

Street & Smith's Literary Album

The old lane