The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - One of the Boys

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Items with "One of the Boys" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Old Blaze and His "Boys"

Might and Main Library

1. Determined to Win; or, Rob Ranger's Mining Adventure
4. Shifting for Himself; or, The Wonderful Luck of a Street Arab
7. Bound to Succeed; or, The Boy Who Owned a Circus
11. The Road to Success; or, A Great Corner in Wall
12. Forging the Front; or, The Young Mill Wonder
13. Never Say Die; or, The Adventures of a Boy Juggler
15. Make or Break; or The Young Prince of Wall Street Brokers
26. Just His Luck; or, Making His Way to the Top
28. Upward and Onward; or, Clif Howard's Big Contract
29. Dart Keenan's Nine; or, Battling for a Million Dollar Stake
32. Dare and Wynne, the Boy Builders; or, The Young Contractors' Success
36. Push and Pluck; or, The Copper King's Mascot
39. Dan Sharp's Big "Scoop"; or, Beating the New York Reporters
67. From Home to Honor; or, A Brave Boy's Battles
82. Up to Date; or, Push and Pluck Reward