The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - One of the Boys

Pseudonym For: Baldwin, Dwight; Bates, Bob; Black, Henry L.; Browne, George Waldo, 1851-1930; Cobb, Weldon J.; De Morgan, John, 1848-1926; Gordon, John; Hancock, H. Irving (Harrie Irving), 1868-1922; Merrill, J. M. (James Milford), 1847-1936; Morse, George Henry; Patten, William G. (William Gilbert), 1866-1945; Rathborne, St. George, 1854-1938; Royal, Matt; Stearns, Frederick A., Jr.; Stone, Franc L.; Tulkinghorn, John; Whittaker, Frederick, 1838-1889; Willoughby, Phil; Young, Ernest A., 1858-1936

Also written as "One of the b'hoys"

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Items with "One of the Boys" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Old Blaze and His "Boys"

Beadle's Dime Speakers

Who Wouldn't Be a Fireman?

Might and Main Library

1. Determined to Win; or, Rob Ranger's Mining Adventure
2. Flatboat Frank; or, The Young Cargo Contractor of the Mississippi
3. Turning the Tables; or, From Office Boy to Millionaire
4. Shifting for Himself; or, The Wonderful Luck of a Street Arab
5. Out of Sight; or, The Boy with a Heart of Gold
6. By Sheer Pluck; or, Hal Vinton's Battle for Dollars
7. Bound to Succeed; or, The Boy Who Owned a Circus
8. Working His Way; or, The Great Ajax Photograph Company
9. His Level Best; or, The Young Paymaster's Luck
10. Never Caught Napping; or, Burt Parton's Blind Luck
11. The Road to Success; or, A Great Corner in Wall Street
12. Forging the Front; or, The Young Mill Wonder
13. Never Say Die; or, The Adventures of a Boy Juggler
14. Bound to Win; or, Jack O'Lantern, the Ferry Boy
15. Make or Break; or The Young Prince of Wall Street Brokers
16. Capital, One Cent; or, Adrift in the World
17. Plucky Nat, the Young Prospector; or, In Search of the Last Strike Mine
18. Fighting to Win; or, Plucky Nat's Bid for Fortune
19. Pure as Steel; or, Plucky Nat Against the Mine Moguls
20. Millions of Money; or, How Plucky Nat Won Out
21. In Search of Gold; or, Bob Badger's Luck in Mexico
22. Clear Grit; or, Bob Badger's Yaqui Chum
23. A Million at Stake; or, Bob Badger's Great Nugget
24. True to His Colors; or, Bob Badger's Success
25. Honor Bright; or, The Young Surveyor of Green River
26. Just His Luck; or, Making His Way to the Top
27. Loyal to the Core; or, The Rise of a Young Iron Worker
28. Upward and Onward; or, Clif Howard's Big Contract
29. Dart Keenan's Nine; or, Battling for a Million Dollar Stake
30. Wheel and Whistle; or, The Young Pilot of Lake Linden
31. Bob Nelson's Telegraph Line; or, Enterprise and Its Reward
32. Dare and Wynne, the Boy Builders; or, The Young Contractors' Success
33. A Rise in the World; or, The Trials and Triumphs of a New England Lad
34. Clear the Way; or, The Boys of Bear Hollow
35. Reaching Out; or, Struggles of a Young Comedian
36. Push and Pluck; or, The Copper King's Mascot
37. Give That Boy a Chance; or, The Lariat Prince of Liberty Ranch
38. Sent Adrift; or, Around the World on Eighty Cents
39. Dan Sharp's Big "Scoop"; or, Beating the New York Reporters
40. From Switch to Lever; or, The Young Engineer of the Montana Express
41. Little Snap, the Postboy; or, Working for Uncle Sam
42. Frank Marvin's Search; or, The Brookville Boy's Club
43. His One Ambition; or, The Mishaps of a Boy Reporter
44. All Aboard; or, The Rival Boat Clubs
45. The Mud River Boys; or, The Fight for Penlow's Mill
46. Thrown on the World; or, A Young Clerk's Adventures
47. Never Give Up; or, Harry Holton's Resolve
48. Striking Out for Himself; or, The Mystery of Giant Forest
49. A Business Boy; or, Hal Hartley's Race for Fortune
50. The Copper Coterie; or, From Rocks to Riches
51. Pluck Beats Luck; or, Tom Talbot's Trials and Triumphs
52. A Team of Thoroughbreds; or, The Mystery of a Fortune
53. Little Hickory; or, Ragged Rob's Young Republic
54. The Young Klondikers; or, Jud Kent's Golden Stake
55. The Boy Magician; or Playing to Win His Way
56. Winning His Rights; or, The Fortunes of Vernon Craig
57. Bright and Early; or, The Boy Who Got There
58. Clyde Crawford, Champion; or, How the Worst Boy in Town Won Out
59. Under Full Steam; or, The Tugboat Route to Success
60. The Roustabout Boys; or, A Trip to Maine
61. Bringing Back the Gold; or, Adventures under African Skies
62. A Game for Millions; or, The Luck of a Young Reporter
63. His First Thousand; or, The Boys of the Honor Bright
64. Phil Farley, Rainbow Chaser; or, The Fortunes of a Black Sheep
65. A Bee-Line for Fortune; or The Luck of Two Young Gold Hunters
66. Crossed Wires; or, The Boy Electrician
67. From Home to Honor; or, A Brave Boy's Battles
68. The Lost Million; or, Boys of the Pony Express
69. Hal Larkin's Luck; or, The Fortunes of a Plucky Athlete
70. The Valley of Diamonds; or, The Last Descendant of Sinbad, the Sailor
71. Twenty Fathoms Deep; or, The Boy Treasure Hunters
72. Ned Brandson's Legacy; or, The Hills of Gold
73. Manton, Monte-Cristo; or, The Hidden Treasure of Montezuma
74. A Barrel of Money; or, The Boy Boomers of Cherokee Strip
75. Spot Cash; or, A King at Sixteen
76. Lucky Thirteen; or, The Telegraph Messenger's Mascot
77. Through Flame to Flame; or, The Adventures of a Brave Fire Laddie
78. Boats, Bats and Bicycles; or, Nimble Jerry's Pluck
79. Getting to the Top; or Zig-Zag, the Boy Conjurer
80. Fighting for a Name; or, The Mystery of a Photograph
81. Hank, the Hustler; or, A Brave Boy's Battle for Bread
82. Up to Date; or, Push and Pluck Rewarded

New Buffalo Bill Weekly

Hank, the Hustler; or, A Brave Boy's Battle for Bread

Round the World Library

84. On his merit; or, Hard to down