The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Ah-Look, Commodore

Pseudonym For: Greey, Edward, 1835-1888

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Items with "Ah-Look, Commodore" as Author

Boys of New York

Barnum's Boy Ben
Billy Bakkus, the Boy with the Big Mouth
Extree Nick, the New York Newsboy
Sassy Sam Sumner. Sequel to Sassy Sam
Sassy Sam; or, A Bootblack's Voyage Around the World
Spike and Jerry; or, The Gallus Sailor Boys
Three Yankee Chums; or, Dr. Dodd's Exploring Expedition

The Boys of the World

Bouncer Brown; or, He Was Bound to Find His Father

The Five-Cent Weekly Library

19. Barnum's Boy Ben

Frank Leslie's Boys of America

Cheeky Bob

Wide Awake Library

563. Extree Nick, the New York Newsboy
598. Cheeky and Chipper, or, Through thick and thin
635. Sassy Sam Sumner
1268. Master of himself, or, A boy's fight in the world