The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Castleton, Captain

Pseudonym For: Baldwin, Dwight

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Items with "Castleton, Captain" as Credited Author

Golden Library

18. Blowing a Bubble; or, The Bardetown Boys' Stock Company
24. Mail-Bag and Money; or, The Boy Postmaster of Brimfield
32. Up in the Balloon; or, The Gas Well of Mont Clare
39. Almost a Man; or, Boy Pilot of the Mississippi
40. Every Inch a Boy; or, An Amateur Actor's Adventures
53. Boy Author; or, Rolla Rhodes Real Romance
60. Fast Friends; or, Ned Arthur's Fortunes
73. The Young Cliff-Climber; or, How Joe King Made His Mark

Good News

The Gipsy Plotters; or, The Owner of No Man’s Land