The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Fenton, Ralph, Colonel

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Items with "Fenton, Ralph, Colonel" as Credited Author

All Around Weekly

The mystery of a cross of gold
Tons of Treasure

Boys of New York

The Black Frigate; or, Out with a Privateer
Jack Mosby, the Guerrilla King; or, Riding and Raiding in the War of the Rebellion. The Story of a Boy Spy of the Union Army
Only a Sailor. A Story of Adventure on Sea and Shore
The Steel Ring. A Story of the Adventures of Two Brave Boys

The Boys of New York Pocket Library

17. The Young Life Saving Crew
204. Continental Dick, the Dread of the Tories

The Boys' Leader

Gipsy Bess; or, The Queen of the Highway
Rudolph, the Traitor; or, The Boy Cavaliers

Boys' Star Library

85. The Young Life Saving Crew
161. Continental Dick, the Dread of the Tories
309. The Mystery of the Volcano. A True Story of Mexico

Fame and Fortune Weekly

Accused by the last words
Adrift in mid-ocean
A beautiful friend
The beautiful stake
The Craigston mystery
A curious case
A detective outwitted
The doctor's ride
Drifting to justice
Esau Pander's doom
Found in the Arctic
The frozen world
A gallant rescue
The hidden wealth
Hunting alligators
Job, the signalman's son
The little detective
My adventure with pirates
My adventures among the wolves
The mysterious valise
The mystery of Harlem Cave
A narrow escape
Ned Dumfrey
The postcard
Red wins
Sang Loo, the Chinaman
The silent witness
Snatched from death
Sold by his sweetheart
A strange adventure
A strange case
A successful ruse
A tough tale
"Was it suicide?"
Who stole Mr. Williams' money
Why I suspected her
A woman of nerve
A woman's nerve
The wreck afloat
The young trappers

The Five-Cent Weekly Library

10. The Young Sharpshooters of the Rebellion
14. Lazy Jake, the Boy Spy of the Rebellion
25. Cavalry Jack; or, The Scout at Shiloh

Pluck and Luck

The black pool
Captured by Arab slavers in Africa
The castaway
Found in the Arctic
How my life was saved
The little detective
A Lucifer's Work
My adventure with pirates
Paddy's exploit
A strange case
A Timely Attack; or, The Pirate's Last Resort
522. The Mystery of the Volcano. A True Story of Mexico
1323. The Mystery of the Volcano. A True Story of Mexico

Young Men of America

The Mystery of the Volcano. A True Story of Mexico