The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Miller, Theo. D. C.

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Items with "Miller, Theo. D. C." as Credited Author

New York Weekly

An Angel Flower
At The Window
Autumn Music
Baby at the Window-Pane
Baby Carrie
Baby May
Baby's Picture
Bessie Hardwick's Choice
Bleeding Heart
Blessed Bible
The Blossom of the Glade
Bread Upon The Waters
By and By
Catarrh or Caryza
Catching Fish In The Brook
Daisy Bell
Della, Speak
Doing All The Good We Can
A Fragment
The Frost-King's Touch
Give Me A Kiss, Little Sunshine
The Home of Little Nell
How We Take It
If Earth Was More Like Heaven
In the Garden of God. On The Death of Mrs. Irene M. Twehill
It Comes With The Sunshine To Cheer
Jennie's New-Year Gift
Just Let The Sunshine In
Keep Sunshine in the Heart
Kiss The Little Cheek
Life's Retrospect
A Little Coquette
Little Della
Little Feet
Little Sunshine
Little Sunshine's Golden Hair
Little Things
The Lord Will Provide
Man's Destiny
Maud and I
May-Time Pleasures
Mother's Boy
Old Glory's Emblem Still
The old man's faded sunbeam
The Old Maple Grove
One Astray From The Fold Of Love
Our Baby With The Angels
Pictures on the Wall
The Pretty Angler
Santa Claus' Visit
Scraps From An Ex-Policeman's Diary
Smiles and Kisses
Sweet to be Remembered
That Poor Ole 'Oss
There is a Charm in Kissing
There is Room Among the Angels
This Shall The Harvest Be
Watch the Little Feet
We May Sing Sweet Songs In Heaven
The Weekly and Bertha M. Clay
"When You Are Dead, My Darling"
A Winsome Child
Winter in the Country
The Withered Flower

Nick Carter Stories

The two nights of terror