The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Wood, N. S.

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Items with "Wood, N. S." as Credited Author

Boys of New York

"Sport", the New York Newsboy
Alone in New York; or, Ragged Rob, the Newsboy
The Boss Boy Bootblack of New York; or, Climbing the Ladder of Fortune
The Boy Captain of the 71st New York; or, Fighting for the Old Flag. A True Story of the Rebellion
The Diamond Island; or, Astray in a Balloon
Edwin Forrest's Pupil; or, The Struggles and Triumphs of a Boy Actor
From the Street; or, The Fortunes of a Bootblack. A True Story of the Bowery
Gun-Boat Dick; or, Death Before Dishonor
Lightning Lew, the Boy Scout
The Orphans of New York. A Pathetic Story of a Great City
Out in the Streets. A Story of High and Low Life in New York
The Poorest Boy in New York and How He Became Rich. A Story of the Rich and Poor of a Great City
The Richest Boy in the World; or, The Wonderful Adventures of a Young American
Shiner, the New York Bootblack; or, The Secret of a Boy's Life
Three Old Men of the Sea; or, The Boys of Grey Rock Beach
The Twenty Doctors; or, The Mystery of the Coast
The Waifs of New York

Wide Awake Library

806. The Waifs of New York
844. Little Blind Joe, or, The sharks of New York
1106. The boy scout