The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Fisher, Helen Corwin

Pseudonym For: Pierce, Helen Corwin

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Items with "Fisher, Helen Corwin" as Credited Author

Good News

The Indian's Revenge
A Villain Foiled by Soap

New York Weekly

The Baffled Coquette
The Brockway Skeleton
Captain Bob
Eve; or, The Secret Terror
The Forced Marriage
The Forged Check
Galen's Vengeance
Ginevra's Repentance
The Heiress of Alwyn Court
The Heiress of Edgecliff
Hester King's Temptation
Hope Latimer's Christmas Gift
How Miss Vannest Lost Her Lover
Humanity vs. Revenge
The Indian's Revenge; or, The Little White Brave
Launcelot Grenville's Escape
The Legend of the Giant's Well
The Little Bookworm
The Lumley Tragedy, and What Became of the Principal Actor
Mabel Ware
My Punishment
Pate; or, The Black Diamond
The Patriot Maiden's Ruse
A Revolutionary Heroine
Saved by Soap; or, A Villain Foiled
Saybrook Farm
Self-Condemned; or, The Bitter Deception
Struck in the Back
The Unloved Wife
The Vigilance Committee
Who Did Lady Violet Marry? or, The Mystery of the Black Diamond
Woman's Revenge
Wrecked in a Balloon