The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Kellogg, Elijah H., -1898

Pseudonym: Kellogg, Lieut. E. H.

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Items with "Kellogg, Elijah H., -1898" as Credited Author

Boys of New York

Billy Button, the Young Clown and Bareback Rider. A Story of the Circus
Dick Bangle, the Boy Actor
Dick, the Smuggler Prince
The Ghosts of Black Cliff Hall
Green Mountain Joe, the Old Trapper of Malbro Pond
The Haunted Glen. A Story of Mystery
The Haunted House on the Hudson; or, The Smugglers of the Sound
Little Buffalo Bill, the Boy Scout of the Wild Northwest
The Weird House of White Cliff
The White Boy Chief; or, The Terror of the North Platte

Our Lucky Series

4. Good Old Times; or, Grandfather's Struggle for a Homestead