The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Blossom, Cherry

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Items with "Blossom, Cherry" as Credited Author

Good News

A Wonderful Escape
The Youthful Hero

New York Weekly

Baby Eva
The Drunkard's Home. A Life Sketch
Ever Near
Getting Even. An Incident of Practical Joking
I Love Thee, May
A Leaf from a Bachelor's Note-Book
Little Davie; or, What Boys Can Do. A Story for Youth
A Long Time Ago. A Parody
Love's Longing
Love's Pleading
Lulie Lee
Morning. Written on the Summit of the Sierra Nevadas
Olden Memories. Affectionately inscribed to my Brother
Our Patriot Dead
Plain Sermons
Summer Night Thoughts of my Child Eden
A Sweet Little Maiden
To My Absent Love
Walter's Dead