The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Harker, Harkley

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Items with "Harker, Harkley" as Credited Author

The Chicago Ledger

No Babies

New York Weekly

About His Yacht
Absence From Home
An Adopted Child
Against a Rock
Always Do Your Best
Another's Quarrel
As Thy Day, So Thy Strength
The Baby's Letter
The Baby's Shoe
Bad News
Be Contented
"Bears in the Way"
Before Election
Believe in Yourself
A Big Head
Big Men
The Bird's Nest
The Blessed Baggage Master
Born To Make Money
Borrowed-Not Returned
The Boy's Father
The Boys' Room. A Christmas Reverie
"Bread Enough, and to Spare"
The Breadwinner
Business is Business
Buy A Home
By The Skin Of His Teeth
Can You Do It?
Can You Wait?
The Careless Moment
A Cat's-Paw
Catching Cold
Chew It Over
The Child's Eye
The Children's Bread
Christmas at the Farm
Christmas Joys
Commerical Travelers
Coolness Among Friends
Coolness in Danger
The Corner of the Eye
The Cure by Change
Daisy's Manager
Dead Men's Shoes
Deceit Never Succeeds
The December Fly
The Devil's Workshop
Did He Drown?
Disfigured For Life
Do Nothing
The Doctor
Don't Move
"Don't Push So!"
Don't Touch It
The Dosing Habit
Dressing for the Turkey
Earning A Living
An Easy Talker
Eat and Drink to God's Glory
The Engineer
Except Mother
Expensive Displays
Explain It
Face the Danger
The Factory Bell
Fair-Weather Friends
Fighting the Minister
A Fool's Argument
For Your Horse
Forbidden Fruit
The Fretful Employer
A Friend In Need
Fun and Folly
"Get It In Writing"
Getting Mad—How Not To
Giving Pleasure
God Rules This World
"Going to Storm?"
The Good Boy
Good Clothes
A Good Investment
Good Pay
A Gracious Lady
A Great Medicine
"Great Scott!"
The Green Earth
The Grist Ground
Growing Better
The Habit of Meanness
Handsome Eyes
A Handsome Office
Harps and Hew's-Harps
Have We A King?
"He Has Nerve"
The Headache
Healing Sorrow
Health and Success
A Heavy Blow
Her Pretty Face
Her Tears
The Heroic Engineer
High Motives
His Incumbrance
Hold Your Tongue
Home Again
The Home Farm. A New Year's Errand
Honor Her
Hope Run Wild
The House I Rent
Household Accounts
How A Fool Kept Cool
The How Of It
How To Be A Leader
How To Be Popular
How To Bear Pain
How To Keep Young
How To Remember Names
How to Whittle
The Hypocrite
I Envy No Man
"I Love A Fight"
"I Never Said It"
I Think
I Wish I Had It
"I'll Jump At The Chance!"
"I'm Good For It"
"I'm Like My Father"
"I'm The Man!"
The Idle Hour
"If I Were Rich." A Christmas Wish
"If Tome Would Marry"
In Memory of a Laugh
In Spite Of Doctors
The Incurable
Indulge the Invalid
The Invisible Robber
Is Life Worth The Price?
Is Revenge Sweet?
Is Suicide Cowardice?
It Doesn't Cost Much
"It'll Come Out Right"
The Jew
John's Pipe
The Jolly Good-Fellow
"Keep My Secret?"
Keep Sweet
Keep Your Appointments
"Kick Easy"
Knowing A Good Thing
Learn A Trade
"Lend Me Five?"
Little By Little
A Little Learning
Lock It!
A Lucky Man
Mean Slanders
Mind Your Business
A Morning Growl
A Morning in the Country
Mr. Hopeful
My Cross Day
My Enemy's Opinion
My Father's Friend
My Foot
My Own Things
My Playfellows
My Poor Times
My Strange Dream
"My Word For It"
New Friends
A New Road
No Danger Now
No Fences
"No Good"
No Name
Nobody's Boy
Not Dead Yet
Not Medicine, But Rest
Not the Deacon
"Not Yours, That's All"
Odd or Even?
The Off Year
Old George
Old Gloucester
Old Lies
An Old Maid
The Old Man's Chair
The Old Man's Ideas
The Oldest Child
On Nettles
Once Will Do
"One Dollar, Please"
One Friend Left
One Kind Year
"One Moment, Please"
Only Four
Open the Door
Ordinary Mortals
The Other Fellow
Other Men's Consciences
Our City
Our Fears
Our Thanksgiving Bouquet
Out of Harness
Overdrawn Accounts
Paid in Gold
A Perfect Fit
Pick It Up
Please Yourself, Please Me
The Pleasure and Benefit of Walking
Pluming Her Wings
The Polite Conductor
The Poor Man's Compensation
Pop The Question
The President's Cousin
Pride Has A Fall
A Pull
The Quiet Fellow
A Railroad Man
A Rich Town
Save It
Say Nothing
Shall I Write?
She's to Blame
"Shooting Pains"
Should We Stop To Think?
A Sick Day
Sleepy Hills
Slivers or Blows-Which?
A Soft Answer
Soft Farewell
"Some Other Time"
Spare the Children
Spring Flowers
Spring Medicine
Spring Sickness
"Steady, Dolly!"
Stop the Leak
A Stout Heart
"Strike Again!"
Struck By Lightning
Tell Your Wife
The Tell-Tale
Thanksgiving On It
That Just Shadow
"The Family Entrance"
"The Hypos"
"The Old Hoard-the Young Scatter"
"Thinking Straight"
Thou Shalt Not Kill
Tick, Tick
Tide's Coming In
Tired Mother
Tired Out
To An Inventive Youth
To The Hospital
To Whom It Concerns
Toil Is Blessing
Too Late To Mend
Too Rich To Enjoy
The Toy Cheat
Two Heads
The Under Dog
Unpaid Bills
"Up to Charley's"
Warp and Woof
Washington's Cold
A Waste of Money
Wealth for Girls
Wear and Tear
The Weary Hour
The Weather
Well Done
What A Tradesman Said
Who Is Free?
Whom Shall We Trust?
Why He Fainted
The Willing Heart
A Wise Listener
Within the Vail
A Woman's Hand
Woman's Wit
Work and Play
Worse Than A Thief
Worse Than Dead
Yet She Married Him
You'll Be Glad
Your Big Brother
Your Hero
Your Loss My Gain
Your Mother-In-Law
Your Motives
Your Vacation