The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Graves, Helen Forrest

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Items with "Graves, Helen Forrest" as Credited Author

The Chicago Ledger

Agnes, the Indian Girl
The Current of True Love
Miss Tryphosa
The New Minister

Good News

Alice's Composition: A Story for School Girls
Brave Nora

Hearth and Home

Lilian the Governess

New York Weekly

Adela's Revenge
Adelaide's Christmas Present
The Adopted Child
Agnes Evelyn's Trouble
Agnes, the Indian Girl
Alexia's Little Ruse
Alice Morny's Thanksgiving
Alice's Composition: A Story for School Girls
Almost Estranged
Amy Wentworth's Christmas Eve
Annette's Fortunes
The Anonymous Lover
The Artist's Love
Ashamed Of Her Lover
Aunt Betsey's Mistake
Aunt Peckley's Nieces
Aunt Prickett's Dream
An Awkward Mistake
Bachelor House Hunting
The Bachelor Uncle
The Bachelor's Christmas; or, Mousey's Mistress
Barbara's Escape
The Beggar's Christmas
Behind the Scenes
Bessie's Love Letter
The Birthday Present
Blanche's House-Hunting. A Romance of the First of May
Bob's Marriage
The Bride's Dream
The Brown Umbrella
Captain Aylmer's Courtship
The Captive Maiden
Cathie's Lesson
Cecile's Maneuvers
A Chance Discovery; or, Captain Dacre's Wrong
Changed Her Mind
Charley's Sweetheart
A Child's Gratitude
The Child's Reproof
The Children's Thanksgiving
The Children's Thanksgiving. A Story for Little Folks
Choosing A Lover
A Christmas Sketch: Martin's Christmas Gift
Clara Vane's Whim
Colonel Saybrooke's Adventure
Conquered by Stratagem
The Coquette's Error
The Coquette's Punishment
Cora's Lovers
Cupid Versus Mammon
The Current of True Love, and How it was Turned
Daisy's Courtship
The Daughter's Mistake
Delancy's New Year's
The Diamond Cluster Ring
The Diamond Sleeve Button
The Disappointed Beauty
Discontented Dolly
The Disinherited Daughter
Dolly's Waiting
The Domestic Tyrant
Dorothea's Surprise
The Editor's Wooing
Ellen's Thanksgiving Eve. A Simple Love Story
Ellice Maynard's Live
Ellice Neville
Emmeline Lathrop's Lesson
Engaged as Governess
Escaped from Death
Ethel's Ordeal
Eveleen Dayton's Valentine
The Factory Girl
A Fair Deceiver
The Faithful Lover
A False Alarm
The Fashionable Mother
The First of May; or, Dr. Payne's Puzzle
Flora Lee's Cousin
Florice Arden's Teacher
The Fop's Lesson
The Foreign Wife
The Forger's Daughter
A Fortunate Accident
The Fortune Hunter's Mistake
The Fortune Huntress
Fortune-Hunter Foiled
Found in the Snow
Frank Eden's Wife
Geraldine's Portfolio
The Ghost at Folkesworth Abbey
The Ghost at Valley Farm
Going to Saratoga
The Governess' Secret
Harry's Thanksgiving
The Haunted House
A Heartless Sister
Heiress Hunting
An Heiress' Experience
Helen Lindsay's Luck
The Hidden Legacy
His Own Fault
Home to Thanksgiving
House-Hunting vs. Love
How Emily Spent Her Time. A Story for Wives and Husbands
How He Was Detected
How He Was Revenged
How I Became Engaged
How They Chose
Hugh Martindale's Bride
The Husband Hunter Foiled
A Husband's Sacrifice
Ida's Choice
In The Far West
In the Forest Glen
The Intercepted Letter
Ivy, the Bound Girl
The Jealous Lover
Jealous of the Widow
Judith's Temptation
Kate Ellerslie's Fate; or, The Fortune-Teller's Prediction
Katie's Love Story
Kitten's Love Story
Kitty's Love-Life
Laura, The Shop-Girl
A Lawyer's Courtship
A Leap Year Story
Lella, the Orphan
Leona's Pride
A Lesson for Leap Year
A Lesson in Flirtation
Letty's Love Affair
Lilian Gore's Mistake
Lilian More's Lovers
Lilian, the Governess
Lily's Fortunes
Lily's Suitor
Lisette's Mistake
Little Charlie
The Little Sister
The Little Sisters
Lizzie Mordaunt's Husband
Lizzie's Lover
Losing a Beau
The Lost Anchor
The Lost Child. A Story for Mothers
The Lost Treasury Bond
Love and Luck
Love at Cross Purposes
Love At First Sight
The Love Match
Love on a Rainy Day
Love Under False Pretences
Love vs. Practical Jokes
Love's Labyrinth; or, The Judge's Courtship
Love's Ordeal
The Lover's Lesson
The Lover's Mistake
The Lover's Victory
Lucy Brown's Visit
Lucy Ward's Secret
Madeline's Lover
The Major's Disappointment
Making Discoveries
A Man's Temptation. In Two Chapters
Marcia Dane's Independence
Margaret's Mission
Marian Stapylton's Ghost
Marrying a Governess
Martin's Christmas Gift
The Masquerade Ball
The Mellington Law Suit
Meta's Victory
The Minister's Wife
Minna's Lovers
Miranda's Ear-Ring
The Miser's Whim
Miss Parthenia's Neighbors
Miss Ruth's Scholar
Miss Tryphosa
A Mistake Set Right
The Mother's Mistake
Mr. Greenfern's Gout, and How it was Cured
Mr. Mortimer's Mistake
Mrs. Denver's Lodger
Mrs. Falkland's Debut
Mrs. Glenfield's Boarder
Mrs. Moulton's Surprise
Mrs. Parker's Subscription
Mrs. Ward's Governess
My Legacy
My Uncle's Story; or, Always Trust Your Wife
My Widow
"My Wife"
My Wife's Device
Nannie's Vigil; or, The Corpse in the Lighthouse
The New Minister
The New Year's Dress
A Night of Dread
A Night of Terror
Octavia's Disguise
The Old Clock; or, Ralph Vane's Wooing
An Old Maid's Romance
The Old Maid
An Old Man's Darling
Olive's Expierence
Only a Dollar
Only a Joke
Only a Mechanic
Only A School-Teacher
The Opposite Neighbor
The Orphan Cousin
The Parted Lovers
Pauline's Mistake
Pearl Sinclair's Adventure
Phemie Carlisle's Luck
A Plot Frustrated
The Price of Her Vanity
The Private Tutor
The Prophecy Fulfilled
The Puppets of Fate
Rachel Ferrars' Love
Ranworthy's Punishment
Real Trouble
Reaping the Harvest
The Rector's Wife
Revenged at Last
A Ride with a Maniac
A Rival's Slander
The Rivals
Rosa Nelson's True Love
Ruth Melton's Thanksgiving
The Ruthless Creditor
The Second Courtship
Seeking Her Fortune
Seeking His Fortune: A Story for Boys
The Selfish Lover
Selling Blackberries
The Sewing Girl
The Shell Basket
The Slighted Artist
A Snake in the Grass
The Soldier's Widow
The Southern Refugee
The Spanish Lover
Squire Ponsonby's Tenant
The Step-Daughter
The Step-Mother
Stephanie's Discoveries
A Strange Story
Susy's Lottery Ticket
Susy's Temptations
Sybil's Stratagem
Sylvia Dean's Lover
Taken By Surprise
Taken upon trial
A Tale of House-Hunting
The Test of True Love
A Thanksgiving Story
The Three Sisters
Three Times A Bridesmaid
A Timely Discovery
Tracy's Second Wife
Tried and True
Turned Out Of Doors
Twenty-Five Cents
Twice Wooed
A Twilight Wooing
The Two Cousins
The Two Lovers
Two Schoolgirls
The Tyrannical Husband
Ugly Maggie
The Undeceived Lover
The Unruly Member. A Story of Feminine Gossip
Unvailed At Last
Viola Gray
Was it a Dream?
Was It Murder?
"Wax Flowers"
The Wax Flowers
The Westburn Will
Which Did He Love?
Which Was The Coward?
Which Was The Heiress?
Which Was The Wiser?
The White Muslin Dress
The Widow's Conversion
The Widowed Bride
The Widower's Love-Making
The Wife's Artifice
A Wife's Folly
The Wife's Folly
The Wife's Triumph
The Wife's Warning
Winning A Widow
A Woman's Revenge; or, Hildegarde Russell's Love Story
The Wrong Baby
The Young Actress
The Young Artist
The Young Governess
The Young Man's Mistake

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

Friend Decker's Reward
Her Christmas Secret
Home to Thanksgiving
Huldah's Secret
In the Forest Glen
Mary's Quinces
Susy's Lottery Ticket
Twice Wooed
Uncle Timothy Taylor

Saturday Night

Beth's Ball-Dress
The Daughter of Adoption
The First of April
Harry's Relations
Only an Imposter
A Sewing-Girl

Street & Smith's Literary Album

Don't trust to appearances
Fanny's disobedience
The Jealous Lover
Maggie Wynn's valentine