The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Jones, Leoni Augustus

Pseudonyms: Author of Mad Mike; Brainard, J. C., Major; Whitehead, Captain

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Items with "Jones, Leoni Augustus" as Credited Author

Munro's Ten Cent Novels

18. The Wild Scout of the Mountains; or, The Defenders of the Trapper's Home
20. The Rollicking Rangers; or, Hunters' Life among the Mountains
26. Lightfoot, the Scout; or, Tracks on the Warpath
30. Snaky Snodgrass; or, The Stolen Bride
33. Sly Sam, the Quaker Spy; or, The Foundling of the Prairie
35. The Fatal Marksman; or, The Terror of the Red-Skins. A Tale of Wild Adventure on the "Big Red"
38. The Bold Scalp-Hunter; or, The Mysterious Being of the Cave
43. The Giant of the Woods
47. Mad Mike; or, The Death Shot
50. The Scout of Long Island; or, Ab. Scander, the Trapper
55. The Indian Queen's Revenge. A tale of the Mohawk Valley in Revolutionary Times
58. Mexican Joe, the Snake Charmer
61. The Scarlet Warrior; or, The Flower of St. Mary's
66. The Scout of Rio Grande. A Tale of the Mexican War

New York Weekly

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