The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Burrage, E. Harcourt (Edwin Harcourt)

Pseudonyms: Author of "Handsome Harry"; Ellis, Samuel; Garne, Gaston

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Items with "Burrage, E. Harcourt (Edwin Harcourt)" as Cited Author

Boys of New York

Handsome Harry of the Fighting Belvedere
Handsome Harry, the Fighting Belvedere

Family Story Paper

Handsome Harry of the Fighting Belvedere

Handsome Harry

1. Handsome Harry of the Fighting Belvedere
2. Handsome Harry's Peril; or, Saved By His Trusty Crew
3. Handsome Harry's Chase; or, On the Track of the "Vulture"
4. Handsome Harry in Africa; or, A Land Hunt for His Foe
5. Handsome Harry and the Slaver; or, Adventures with Friends and Foes
6. Handsome Harry's Return to Spain; or, Again with Juanita
7. Handsome Harry in Russia; or, Out in the Wastes
8. Handsome Harry and the Secret Police; or, Plot and Counterplot
9. Handsome Harry's Return to the Belvedere; or, Ching-Ching and Sampson in Trouble
10. Handsome Harry Against His Own Country; or, Two to One
11. Handsome Harry Fighting the Pirates; or, The Mystery of the Cliff
12. Handsome Harry in a Trap; or, The Belvedere and the Spitfire
13. Handsome Harry Captured; or, The Wreckof the Belvedere
14. Handsome Harry in London; or, The Man of Mystery
15. Handsome Harry's Trial; or, The Treachery of the Don
16. Handsome Harry and the Missing Bride; or, The Search for Juanita