The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Stevens, D. W.

Pseudonym For: Doughty, Francis Worcester, -1917; Musick, John R. (John Roy), 1849-1901

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Items with "Stevens, D. W." as Credited Author

All Around Weekly

A Detective's peculiar experience

Boys of New York

Carl Greene, the Detective, and the Knights of the Road
Hunted for Ten Years; or, Fighting against Fate
The Man in the Dungeon; or, The Daring Scheme of the Bandit King. A Wonderful Story of Carl Greene, the Detective, in Missouri
The Masked Band; or, Carl Greene, the Detective's Perilous Work in the West
The Midnight Horseman; or, The Silent Rider of the Ozarke. A True Story of the Southwest
The Moonlight Riders; or, Carl Greene, the Detective, Working in Three States

The Boys of New York Pocket Library

76. Life and Death of Jesse James
81. Frank James, the Avenger
87. Lives of the Ford Boys
105. Frank James' Surrender

Boys' Star Library

255. Peppery Sam, the Young Spy of the Revolution
288. Mike Fink, the Western Boatman
291. The Tramp; or, The Mystery of the Old Haunted Mill

Fame and Fortune Weekly

An awful railroad race
The beggar detective
The blue dragon
Bound to be a sailor
A brave boy's search
Chased into a panther's cave
Fate of the pennies
The first offense
The golden cross mystery
A hopeless case
In a den of rattlesnakes
In the nick of time
The ivory traders
Joe French, the boy castaway
Jugging the redskins
The mail robber
The maniac's mistake
The marked money
No duel
The old hawk's money
One of the Florida Rays
A queen's crime
Red Eagle's pledge
A silent avenger
Six hours with death
A skillful job
The squaw's doom
Steve Weston's ghost
Strange stories of witchcraft
A Timely Attack
A tough tale
An undetected detective
The witch in the well

New York Detective Library

713. The James Boys' Dash for Life or Death; or, The Detective's Secret Snare

Pluck and Luck

A plot for a peerage
Box of pearls
His blue trousers
Joe French, the boy castaway
A locomotive hero
Our mysterious boarder
Red Eagle's pledge

Wide Awake Library

492. The James boys at Cracker Neck

Wide Awake Library -- Special

1. Life and Trial of Frank James
2. True Stories Told by Frank James
3. Frank James' Prison Life

Young Men of America

The Dumb Boy Detective; or, The Shadow on a Felon's Path
Mike Fink, the Western Boatman
Peppery Sam, the Young Spy of the Revolution
The Tramp; or, The Mystery of the Old Haunted Mill
True as Steel; or, An American and English Boy against the World