The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Burton, Jennie Davis, Mrs.

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Items with "Burton, Jennie Davis, Mrs." as Author

The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)

123. The Durand Legacy
134. Adria, the Adopted
160. Cecil's Deceit

The Banner Weekly

A Brave Girl
The Rich Strike at Three Forks

The Saturday Journal

"Out of the Frying-pan," etc
'All's Well that Ends Well'
A Boarding-House Idyl
A Broken Idol
A Chance Shot
A Coquette's Lesson
A Dangerous Experiment
A Desperate Measure
A Girl's Faith
A Girl's Work
A Hundred Thousand Dollars
A Lily of the Fields
A Loyal Heart
A Musical Prodigy
A Sea-side Idyl
A Sister's Art
A Summer Afternoon
A Summer Romance
A Summer Storm, A Little Story with a Big Moral
A Too Common Story
A Touch of Jealousy
A Woman's Folly
A Woman's Passion
Ackerman's Story
Adria, the Adopted: or, The Mystery of Ellesford Grange, An American Romance
All For Love
Almost a Sacrifice
Almost Lost
Beside the Marshes
The Black Shadow
Blood-red Rubies
Cassandra's Portrait
Cecil's Deceit; or, The Diamond Legacy
Cheating Destiny
Choosing and Losing
Common Way of It
Coral and Ruby; or, The Retribution of a Life-Time
The Creole Wife; or The Cousin's Scheme
Cross and Crown
Dotha's Time of Trial
Duke's Expectations
Educating a Wife
The Episode of a Night
Esta's Message
False and True
The False Widow; or, Florien Redesdale's Fortune
Floy's Hero
Gentleman or Thief?
Heart Before Hand
How Near She Came
In a Moment of Passion
It Might Have Been
Jean Howard's Temptation
Kitty's Entanglement
Looking Back
Love and Law
Love's Maneuver
Love's Sacrifice
Love, the Glorifier
Mad or Not?
Madame Durand's Proteges; or, The Fateful Legacy
Mildred's Revenge
The Newsboy's Christmas
Noblesse Oblige
Not a Heroine
The Old Life and the New
Old Love and Young
One Day’s Episode
One Generous Act
One Mad Act, A Story of Christmas-Time
One of the World's Mysteries
Out of Her Sphere
Poor Lucilla
The Price of Deceit
The Prophetic Picture
Proved True
The Reign of the Siren
Rival Belles; or, The Heiress of Castle Rea
Ruby and Gold
Saved by an Accident
Settling Scores
Strangely Wed; or, Where Was Arthur Clare?
Ten Years of Her Life
The Terrible Truth; or, The Thornhurst Mystery
True Love Match
Two Men
Two Nights
Two Women
Under the Willows
Wayte Moncrieffe's Two Wives
What a "Bohemian" Saw
What it Meant
What the End Was
Wilma Wilde, The Doctor's Ward; or, The Inheritance of Hate