The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Burton, Jennie Davis, Mrs.

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Items with "Burton, Jennie Davis, Mrs." as Author

The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)

123. The Durand Legacy
134. Adria, the Adopted
160. Cecil's Deceit

The Banner Weekly

A Dangerous Experiment
A Man of Honor
A Thief in the Night
Ackerman's Story
Beneath the Sea
A Brave Girl
Dick Holstead's Hidden Hand; or, The Collingsbrooke Diamonds' Claimant, The Story of the Frampton Place Imposter
Gentleman or Thief?
The Impassable Barrier
In a Moment of Passion
The Newsboy's Christmas
The Prophetic Picture
The Rich Strike at Three Forks
Ruby and Gold
The Scheming Colonel; or, The Lost Heir of Ellesford Grange, A Romance of the Mystery of the Secret Chamber
Why I Am Not a Detective
The Doctor's Plot; or, The Ex-Army Officer's Ruse, The Romance of a Thwarted Curse

The Saturday Journal

"Out of the Frying-pan," etc
'All's Well that Ends Well'
A Boarding-House Idyl
A Broken Idol
A Chance Shot
A Coquette's Lesson
A Dangerous Experiment
A Desperate Measure
A Girl's Faith
A Girl's Freak; or, How Cherry Tested Her Theory
A Girl's Work
A Heartless Woman
A Hundred Thousand Dollars
A Lily of the Fields
A Loyal Heart
A Musical Prodigy
A Sea-side Idyl
A Season and its Sequence
A Sister's Art
A Summer Afternoon
A Summer Romance
A Summer Storm, A Little Story with a Big Moral
A Too Common Story
A Touch of Jealousy
A Woman's Folly
A Woman's Passion
Ackerman's Story
Adria, the Adopted: or, The Mystery of Ellesford Grange, An American Romance
All For Love
Almost a Sacrifice
Almost Lost
An Old Maid's Story
Art Against Heart
Beneath the Sea
Beside the Marshes
The Black Shadow
Blood-red Rubies
Cassandra's Portrait
Cecil's Deceit; or, The Diamond Legacy
Cecile's Choice
Cheating Destiny
Choosing and Losing
Common Way of It
Coral and Ruby; or, The Retribution of a Life-Time
The Creole Wife; or The Cousin's Scheme
Cross and Crown
Dillaye's Secret
Dotha's Time of Trial
Duke's Expectations
Educating a Wife
The Episode of a Night
Esta's Message
False and True
The False Widow; or, Florien Redesdale's Fortune
Floy's Hero
Four Lost Years
The Fourth at Inlands
Gentleman or Thief?
Heart Before Hand
His Story
The History of an Accident
How Near She Came
How She Was Conquered
In a Moment of Passion
It Might Have Been
Jack Renshaw's Probation
Jean Howard's Temptation
Kitty's Entanglement
The Lesson She Learned
Looking Back
Love and Law
Love's Maneuver
Love's Sacrifice
Love, the Glorifier
Mad or Not?
Madame Durand's Proteges; or, The Fateful Legacy
Mildred's Revenge
Mill, Mine, and Master
The Newsboy's Christmas
Noblesse Oblige
Not a Heroine
The Old Life and the New
Old Love and Young
One Case of Rivalry
One Day’s Episode
One Generous Act
One Mad Act, A Story of Christmas-Time
One of Life's Mistakes
One of Life's Tragedies
One of the World's Mysteries
Out of Her Sphere
The Poor Cousin
Poor Lucilla
The Pretty Debtor
The Price of Deceit
The Prophetic Picture
Proved True
Put to the Test
The Reign of the Siren
The Reverse of the Shield, A Holiday Story
Rival Belles; or, The Heiress of Castle Rea
Ruby and Gold
Saved by an Accident
Settling Scores
The Story of a Nightcap
Strangely Wed; or, Where Was Arthur Clare?
Ten Years of Her Life
The Terrible Truth; or, The Thornhurst Mystery
That Lottery Ticket
True Love Match
Two Men
Two Nights
Two Women
Under the Willows
Vine's Talent
The Way He Saved Him
The Way it Ended
Wayte Moncrieffe's Two Wives
What a "Bohemian" Saw
What it Meant
What John Storm Lost
What the End Was
Who Dealt the Blow?
Why I Am Not a Detective
Wilma Wilde, The Doctor's Ward; or, The Inheritance of Hate
The Women Who Loved Him
The Young "Actor's" Wild Ride

Waverley Library (octavo edition)

55. Cecil's Deceit; or, The Diamond Legacy

Waverley Library (quarto edition)

60. Cecil's Deceit; or, The Diamond Legacy
176. Adria, the adopted, or, The mystery of Ellesford Grange
186. The Terrible Truth; or, The Thornhurst Mystery
192. The bitter feud, or, The fateful legacy
198. Wilma Wilde, or, The inheritance of hate