The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Hart, Caroline, 1850-1920

Pseudonym For: Garvice, Charles, 1850-1920

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Items with "Hart, Caroline, 1850-1920" as Credited Author

Hart Series

3. Lil, the Dancing Girl
5. The Woman Who Came Between
7. For Love or Honor
10. A Little Princess
12. Nameless Bess
14. The Awful Scar
16. Love's Rugged Path
18. Married at Sight
20. Her Right to Love
22. The Game of Love
26. Redeemed By Love
28. A Wasted love
30. A Haunted Life
36. A Hidden Terror
42. The Vengeance of Love
46. Angela's Lover
48. The Madness of Love
50. A Working Girl's Honor
52. The Rival Heiresses
58. From Want to Wealth; or, The Working Girl's Triumph
61. She Loved Not Wisely; or, When Hearts Are Joined
69. A Woman Wronged
74. Hearts of Fire
76. Nobody's Wife
89. Lillian's Vow
105. From Worse Than Death
110. A Strange Marriage

New Bertha Clay Library

5. Redeemed By Love