The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Decker, Guy

Pseudonym For: Starbuck, Roger, 1837-

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Items with "Decker, Guy" as Credited Author

The Boys of the World

Nimble Keel; or, The Smugglers of the Sound

The Chicago Ledger

Good For Evil

Good News

Caught at Last
The Colonel's Mistake
The Corporal's Adversary
The Fire Beacon; or A Ship's Peril
First Night At Sea
The Haunted Hold
A Luff for Life
A Sailor's Gallantry
A Struggle Aloft
A Wild Adventure

New York Weekly

Across the Way. A Love Sketch
Among South American Seals. An Old Tar's Yarn
Behind An "Ocean Horse"
Bell's Lesson
The Bridge of Death
A Burglar's Fate
The Burning Wreck; or, A Young Girl's Heroism
Caught at Last
A Desperate Alternative
The Double Rescue
First Night At Sea
A Frightful Situation
A Fruitful Stump; or, A Freak of Fortune
A Gallant Dash
The Haunted Factory
The Last Shot; or, The Tiger's Victim
The Leap for Life
Love to the Last: A Thrilling Sketch
A Luff for Life
The Railroad Fiend
Ruth's Resolve
The Sailor's Ordeal; or, Firm to the Last
A Singular Escape. A Record of Wyoming
The Terrors of a Night
A Trying Experience
The Two Mistakes; or, Colonel and Private
An Unwelcome Visitor

Nick Carter Stories

The death trap

Nick Carter Weekly

The death-trap
The Fate of a Shirk

Nugget Library

78. The Young Seal Hunter