The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - King, Ed

Pseudonym For: Young, Ernest A., 1858-1936

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Items with "King, Ed" as Credited Author

All Around Weekly

Among the Thugs; or, Two Yankee Boys in India
The Black Cross; or, The Mysteries of the Jungle
The Black Diamond. A Story of Cuba's Struggle
Dick, the Pilot; or, The River Pirate's Plot. A Tale of the Mississippi
The Wild Beast Hunters; or, Adventures in Brazil
Phil Faraday, the Young Explorer; or, Adventures in Savage Africa
The Tattooed Hand. A Strange Story of Sea and Land
After the Big Diamond; or, The Star on the Arm. A Story of India
The Young Cliff Climber. A Tale of the Andes

Boys of New York

The fight for the pirate's isle, or, Captain Diablo's last cruise

Fame and Fortune Weekly

Ben and the banker's son, or, The troubles of a rich boy's double
The cave of gold, or, the boy miners of the Rockies
Cheek and chance, or, Traveling on his wits
The fight for the pirate's isle, or, Captain Diablo's last cruise
Hal, the poor boy, or, The adventures of two orphans
Jolly Jack Jones, or, Knocking about the world
Lost for one year, or, Adrift on a water-logged ship
Mark, the money maker, or, How a smart boy got rich
Max and his million, or, Working for the wizard of Wall Street
Ned, Bess and myself, or, The search for the king's lost gold mine
On success street, or, Two and two make twenty-two
On top, or, The boy who got there
Six weeks in the moon, or, A trip beyond the zenith
Two Yankee boys in Cuba, or, Fighting with the patriots
Young Tom Brown, or, The boy who knew his business