The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Riddell, J. H., Mrs., 1832-1906

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Items with "Riddell, J. H., Mrs., 1832-1906" as Credited Author

Aldine Series

22. Above Suspicion
57. Too Much Alone

American Series

121. The Nun's Curse

The Century Series

30. A Rich Man's Daughter

The Elite Series

20. The Nun's Curse

The Eureka Series

13. The Nun's Curse

The Keystone Library

480. Susan Drummond
481. 99 Dark Street

Library of Select Novels

266. Maxwell Drewitt
272. Phemie Keller
278. The Race for Wealth
360. A Life's Assize

Lovell's Household Library

139. Idle Tales
163. Susan Drummond

Lovell's International Series

116. Princess Sunshine
164. My First Love and My Last Love
214. The Head of the Firm

Majestic Series

271. Miss Cascoigne
307. The Nun's Curse