The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Stuart, Esmè, 1851-1934

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Items with "Stuart, Esmè, 1851-1934" as Credited Author

Appletons' Town and Country Library

127. A Woman of Forty
209. Arrested

The Authors' Library

12. Harum Scarum. The Story of a Wild Girl

The Broadway Series

18. Inscrutable

Farm and Fireside Library

22. The Little Brown Girl. A Story of School-Day Life

Lovell's International Series

75. Kestell of Greystone
106. The Vicomte's Bride

Ogilvie's Onyx Edition

18. Inscrutable

The Sabbath Library

v. 1, no. 51. Little Brown Girl

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

1391. Kestell of Greystone
1551. The Vicomte's Bride