The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Gibbon, Charles, 1843-1890

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Items with "Gibbon, Charles, 1843-1890" as Credited Author

Harper's Handy Series

14. A Hard Knot

Hawthorne Library

219. Beyond Compare

The Keystone Library

323. The Golden Shaft

Library of Select Novels

364. For Lack of Gold
382. For the King
389. Robin Gray
427. In Honor Bound

Lovell's Household Library

144. Beyond Compare
231. Blood Money
276. The Dead Heart: A Tale of the Bastille

Lovell's International Series

48. Was Ever Woman in This Humor Wooed

Lovell's Library

57. The Golden Shaft

Munro's Library (Pocket)

598. Amoret

Munro's Library of Popular Novels

65. A Maiden Fair

Red Letter Series (New Amsterdam)

4. Margaret Carmichael

Red Letter Series of Select Fiction

120. Was Ever Woman in the Humor Wooed?

Savoy Series

100. A Maiden Fair

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

Beyond Compare
Blood Money
By Mead and Stream
What Would You Do, Love?
682. The Queen of the Meadow
690. Robin Gray
751. In Honor Bound
776. The Love of Gold
1173. A Heart's Problem
1371. Of High Degree
1495. What Will the World Say?
1503. The Golden Shaft
1620. In Pastures Green
1722. A Maiden Fair

Seaside Library 25c Edition

377. Was Ever Woman in This Humor Wooed

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

317. By Mead and Stream
1277. Was Ever Woman in This Humor Wooed
1434. The Golden Shaft
1795. The Dead Heart
1874. Blood-Money
1886. Beyond Compare
1913. Amoret
1921. What Would You Do, Love?

Victor Series of Paper Books

135. A Maiden Fair