The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Sims, George R., 1847-1922

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Items with "Sims, George R., 1847-1922" as Credited Author

American Series

41. Mary Jane's memoirs

The Banner Weekly

The Human Auction

The Century Series

13. In London's Heart

Hawthorne Library

136. The Mother-in-Law

Lovell's International Series

3. Tales of Today
127. Dramas of Life

Mayflower Library

My Two Wives

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

A Missing Husband
A Tale of Sweethearts

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

816. Rogues and Vagabonds

Sunnyside Series

86. A Changed Man, and Other Stories

Sunset Series

40. A Missing Husband