The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Shirley, Grace

Pseudonym For: Sheldon, Lurana W.

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Items with "Shirley, Grace" as Credited Author

Diamond Hand Books

7. Heart Talks With the Lovelorn

Diamond Handbook Series

2. Shirley's Lovers' Guide
3. Women's Secrets; or, How to Be Beautiful
12. Heart Talks With the Lovelorn

My Queen

1. From Farm to Fortune; or, Only a Farmer's Daughter
2. Marion Marlowe's Courage; or, A Brave Girl's Struggle for Life and Honor
3. Marion Marlowe's True Heart; or, How a Daughter Forgave
4. Marion Marlowe's Noble Work; or, The Tragedy at the Hospital
5. Marion Marlowe Entrapped; or, The Victim of Professional Jealousy
6. Marion Marlowe's Peril; or, A Mystery Unveiled
7. Marion Marlowe's Money; or, Brave Work in the Slums
8. Marion Marlowe's Cleverness; or, Exposing a Bold Fraud
9. Marion Marlowe's Skill; or, A Week as a Private Detective
10. Marion Marlowe's Triumph; or, In Spite of Her Enemies
11. Marion Marlowe's Disappearance; or, Almost a Crime
12. Marion Marlowe in Society; or, A Race for a Title
13. Marion Marlowe's Christmas Eve; or, The Treachery of a Factory Inspector
14. Marion Marlowe's Escape; or, A Dangerous Mistake "On the Road"
15. Marion Marlowe in Buffalo; or, Betrayed by a Rival Company
16. Marion Marlowe in Cleveland; or, The Mystery of the Red Rose
17. Marion Marlowe in Columbus; or, Accused of a Crime
18. Marion Marlowe in Indianapolis; or, The Adventure of Dr. Brookes
19. Marion Marlowe in St. Louis; or, A Forger's Bold Deed
20. Marion Marlowe in Chicago; or, Trapped by a Lunatic
21. Marion Marlowe in St. Paul; or, The Company's Mascot in a Double Deal
22. Marion Marlowe in Omaha; or, Held Up by Accident
23. Marion Marlowe on the Prairie; or, A Thrilling Ride Across Kansas
24. Marion Marlowe in Washington; or, Meeting the President
25. Marion Marlowe in Salt Lake City; or, A Bad Deal in Mormon Land
26. Marion Marlowe in Denver; or, The Tragedy of Pike's Peak
27. A Wonderful Secret; or, Marion Marlowe's Discovery
28. An Interrupted Wedding; or, Marion Marlowe as Maid of Honor
29. A Lover's Quarrel; or, Marion Marlowe's Deceitful Friend
30. Under Lock and Key; or, Marion Marlowe's Last Role

Twentieth Century Hand Books

5. Heart Talks With the Lovelorn