The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Read, Opie, 1852-1939

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Items with "Read, Opie, 1852-1939" as Credited Author

The Ariel Library

2. A Kentucky Colonel
7. Selected Stories
8. Emmett Bonlore
15. Len Gansett
26. The Colossus

The Banner Weekly

Cotton is All Dun Picked

The Chicago Ledger

Blue "Nigger," The
The Coquette
The Jewels of His Mind

Electric Series

543. Twenty Good Stories

Globe Library

111. Mrs. Annie Green
155. Up Terrapin River

Library of Choice Fiction

The Colossus
Emmett Bonlore
A Kentucky Colonel
Len Gansett
68. A Tennessee Judge
76. The Tear in the Cup, and Other Stories
77. Wives of the Prophet

Marguerite Series (Weeks)

90. Miss Polly Lopp

Oriental Library

14. An Arkansas Planter
23. The Waters of Caney Fork
27. A Yankee from the West
36. Judge Elbridge
49. Bolanyo
57. In the Alamo
61. Fiddle and Fawn
66. Confessions of Marguerite

Railroad Series

1. A Kentucky Editor

Sunnyside Series

24. Twenty Good Stories

Sunset Series

32. Twenty Good Stories