The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Warfield, Catherine A. (Catherine Ann), 1816-1877

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Items with "Warfield, Catherine A. (Catherine Ann), 1816-1877" as Credited Author

American Series

385. Hester Howard's Temptation

Beadle's Monthly

The "Romance of the Green Seal", The Quadroon's Story
v. 1, no. 6. The Beadle's Monthly, v. I, June, 1866

Cheap Edition of Popular Authors

9. The romance of the green seal

Fireside Library of Popular Reading

16 (replacement title). The quadroon

Hammock Series

9. The Household of Bouverie
10. A Double Wedding; or, How She Was Won
24. Ferne Fleming
25. The Cardinal's Daughter. Sequel to Ferne Fleming
60. Lady Ernestine
94. Hester Howard's Temptation