The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Walworth, Mansfield Tracey

Guess: Might match authorized Library of Congress name "Walworth, Mansfield Tracy, 1830-1873".

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Items with "Walworth, Mansfield Tracey" as Credited Author

Clover Series

64. Married in Mask

Eagle Library

289. Married in Mask

Far and Near Series

35. Married in Mask

Ideal Series of American Copyright Novels

8. Married in Mask

Madison Square Series

Stormcliff. A Tale of the Highlands
10. Warwick
12. Hotspur
27. Lulu. A Tale of the National Hotel Poisoning
39. Delaplaine; or, The Sacrifice of Irene
56. Zahara

Manhattan Series of Popular American Novels

11. Married in Mask

New York Weekly

Married in Mask

Select Series

50. Married in Mask