The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Collins, E. Burke, Mrs., 1858-1902

Pseudonym For: Sharkey, Emma Augusta

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Items with "Collins, E. Burke, Mrs., 1858-1902" as Credited Author

The Abbott Five Cent Novels

28. A Gilded God

The Advance Library

46. A Gilded God

The Chicago Ledger

Bitterly wronged; or, Lured to the footlights
By Fate's Decree; or Heiress to an Earldom
The Darke House Mystery
The Golden Skull. The Strange Story of the Rajah's Jewels--From India to America--An Entailed Curse.
John's Cousin
Lilian's Love
A Mountain Nymph
A Mountain Nymph; or, Through Love's Crucible
My Love Constance
The Silent Witness; or, An Expiated Sin
A Woman's Secret

The Constance Library

1. A Modern Heathen
3. Tony, A Waif of the Louisiana Pine Woods
5. The Silent Witness; or, An Expiated Sin
7. A Fallen Angel
8. A Girl's Mistake
9. The Woman Tempted Me; or, A Fallen Star
10. A Gilded God
11. A Woman's Silence
12. The Marchmont Mystery

Eagle Library

286. A Debt of Vengeance
647. Bitterly Atoned
654. Vivian's Love Story
819. Where Love is Sent
847. The Love That Prevailed
858. Her Life's Desire
866. No Mother to Guide Her
873. She Scoffed At Love
878. Long Since Forgiven
886. A Well Kept Secret
894. The Wife He Chose
906. The Cost of a Promise
916. The Fortunes of Love
970. Love's Entanglements
987. The Vanished Heir
1046. Bitterly Atoned
1052. Vivian's Love Story
1177. The Love That Prevailed
1192. She Scoffed At Love
1227. Long Since Forgiven
1233. Her Life's Desire
1237. The Vanished Heir
1240. No Mother to Guide Her
1254. The Wife He Chose
1267. Where Love is Sent
1286. The Cost of a Promise
1290. A Well Kept Secret
1305. The Fortunes of Love
1318. Love's Entanglements

Family Story Paper

"Lady Geraldine"
A Florida Flower: or, For Love and For Life
Gone! An Elopement in High Life
Her Guilty Secret; or, So Bitterly Atoned
John Parson's Plot
A Woman's Treachery

Far and Near Series

22. Married for Gold

Good News


Hart Series

44. A Bitter Reckoning; or, Violet Arleigh
55. Sold for Gold
66. Her Dark Inheritance
72. The Richmond Secret; or, Audrey's Folly
85. Mad Kingsley's Heir
92. Daphne's Fate
106. Audrey Fane's Love

Laurel Library

171. Sold for Gold
172. Lillian's Vow

Lenox Library

22. A Gilded God

Library of American Authors

31. Sold for Gold
38. Lillian's Vow; or, The Mystery of Raleigh House

The New York Fireside Companion

Vivian's Love Story

New York Weekly

Almost Lost
At The End Of A Rope
Aunt Rebecca's Will
Bonny Jean; or, The Chest of Gold
A Bunch of Hyacinths
A Bunch of Lilies
Captain Clavering's Mistake
A Comedy of Errors
Coral's Patient
Cross Purposes
The Day of His Death
A Debt of Vengeance
Dick, the Detective; or, The Middleton Safe Robbery: A Tale of New Orleans
Dolly's Fortune
The Don Carlos Diamond: How It was Lost and Found
A Dream and a Vision
A Dream Lesson
A False Love
A Fearful Lesson
A Gilded God; or, A Sin of the Past
A Girl's Hero
Gold and Gilt
A Hasty Judgement
Her Happy New Year
Her Jealousy-And His
Her Secret
Hetherton's Heir
His Broken Promise: A New Year Sketch
His First Appearance
How the Plot Failed
In a Kodak
In Propria Persona
Jessie's Ring
John Allerton's Waiting
John's Cousin
Kittie's Mistake
Kittie's Patient
Laura's Atonement
A Lesson in Faith
A Lesson in Revenge
The Lesson She Taught
Lilian's Love
Little Miss Clover
The Little School-Teacher
The Lost Pocket-Book
Lost Zaidee
Love and Gold
A Man of Honor
Married for Gold
May's Romance
Miss Braddon's Lovers
Miss Dane's Wedding-Dress
Miss Latimer's Blunder: A Story of St. Valentine's Day
My Love of Loves
My Story
My Tenants
Nan's Bicycle
Nettie's Proposal
Nora's Experiment
On Hand; or, The Railroad Detective
One Christmas Eve: A Story of the Southern Pinelands
Our Fortune
Pansy's Husband
The Percival Fortune
Philip Revere's Christmas
The Postman's Story
Roger and I
A Rude Awakening
Ruth Darrell's Daughter
A Severe Threat
A Shadowed Life
Sir Philip's Wife; or, Lost for Love
A Slight Mistake
A Summer's Idyl
A Terrible Penalty
Too Late!
The Trevor Girls
Tried and True
Wilford Ruthven's Wife
A Woman in the Case
A Woman's Spell

Old Cap. Collier Library

7. Dare, the detective; or, Told by the Dead

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

The Gainsborough Ruby

Saturday Night

Val's Love!

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

2003. A Bitter Reckoning; or, Violet Arleigh

Select Series

Bonny Jean
A Severe Threat
4. Bonny Jean and A Severe Threat
31. Married for Gold
42. A Debt of Vengeance

Sweetheart Series

161. Lillian's Vow
162. Sold for Gold