The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Douglas, John L.

Pseudonym For: Cobb, Weldon J.; De Morgan, John, 1848-1926; Hancock, H. Irving (Harrie Irving), 1868-1922; Patten, William G. (William Gilbert), 1866-1945; Stearns, Frederick A., Jr.; Stone, Franc L.

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Items with "Douglas, John L." as Credited Author

Brave and Bold

358. The Copper Coterie; or, From Rocks to Riches
364. Pluck Beats Luck; or, Tom Talbot's Trials and Triumphs
366. The Roustabout Boys; or, A Trip to Maine
369. Under Full Steam; or, The Tugboat Route to Success
372. Striking Out for Himself; or, The Mystery of Giant Forest
375. A Business Boy; or, Hal Hartley's Race for Fortune
378. A young clerk's pluck; or, Fighting against long odds
383. Witches of the flame; or, The mystery of Burning Valley
403. A dash for a million; or, How a fortune was found
409. A golden find; or, Paving the road to fortune
412. From Bootblack to Grandee; or, Charles Manton and Montezuma's Treasure
418. Treasure by the barrel; or, The Cherokee boom
421. Fire, fame, and fortune; or, Making a name for himself
424. The black sheep's legacy; or, The rainbow chaser on the trail
427. The young electrician; or, The crossed wires at the miracle factory