The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Merriman, Henry Seton, 1862-1903

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Items with "Merriman, Henry Seton, 1862-1903" as Credited Author

American Series

124. The Phantom Future

Arrow Library

78. The Phantom Future
85. Prisoners and Captives
88. Suspense
95. Young Mistley

Calumet Series (Homewood)

291. Prisoners and Captives

The Century Series

45. The Slave of the Lamp

Dillingham's Magnolia Library

69. The Slave of the Lamp

The Elite Series

359. The Phantom Future
372. Prisoners and Captives
382. Suspense

Favorite Library

86. The Phantom Future
134. Prisoners and Captives
142. Suspense

Fenno's Select Series

62. The Phantom Future

Fortnightly Series

1. Christian Vellacott, the Journalist; a Story of Royalism, Jesuitism, and Republicanism.

Harper's Select Fiction

1. The Sowers

Hart Series

187. The Phantom Future

The Ivy Series

131. The Phantom Future
133. Prisoners and Captives
148. Young Mistley

Library of Popular Fiction

26. In Kedar's Tents

Lovell's International Series

198. The Slave of the Lamp

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

2005 (replacement title). The Phantom Future
2018 (replacement title). Prisoners and Captives
2030 (replacement title). Young Mistley

Sunset Series

263. The Phantom Future

The Superb Library

1. Young Mistley