The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Jenks, George C.

Pseudonyms: Carter, Chickering; Carter, Nick

Born 1850; died 1929.

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Items with "Jenks, George C." as Cited Author

Nick Carter Stories

The doom of Sang Tu, or, Nick Carter's golden foe
The man they held back; or, Nick Carter's other self

Items with "Jenks, George C." as Credited Author

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

485. "Git Thar" Owney, the Unknown; or, The Boy Oarsman-Detective's Double Pull
492. Git Thar Owney's Pledge; or, The Owls' Nest Ugly Brood
513. The Demon Doctor; or, Deadhold, the "Kid" Detective. A Story of the Worked-Out Mine
581. Double-Curve Dan, the Pitcher Detective; or, Against Heavy Odds
598. Flute, the Singer Detective; or, "Git Thar" Owney in a New Role
608. The Pitcher Detective's Foil; or, Double-Curve Dan's Double Play
616. The Ocean Detective; or, The Last Cruise of the Black Bear. A Romance of the Alaskan Seas and Coast
681. The Pitcher Detective's Toughest Tussle; or, Double-Curve Dan's Dead Ball
736. Larry, the Thoroughbred; or, Beaten on Every Side
779. Iron Hand, the Charmed Detective; or, Saving the Senator's Daughter. The Romance of the "Ugly Gang"
854. Uncle Sam's Detective in Chicago; or, The Country Postmaster among Bunco-Men. A Story of the Underground Counterfeiters' Den

Beadle's New York Dime Library

398. Sleepless Eye, the Pacific Detective; or, Running down a Double
432. The Giant Horseman; or, Tracking the Red Cross Gang
507. The Drummer Detective; or, The Dead Straight Trail. A Romance of a Colorado Camp
526. Death Grip, the Tenderfoot Detective; or, A Still Hunt for Old Secrecy
538. Rube Rocket, the Tent Detective; or, The Treacherous Two. A Romance of the Ring
554. Mad Sharp, the Rustler; or, The Drummer Detective's Big Lay-Out. A Romance of the Hidden River
572. Jaunty Joe, the Jockey Detective; or, Big Stages for the Winner!
719. Boston Bob, the Sport Detective; or, The Queer Hand "The Professor" Played. A Romance of Grand Gulch
726. Fearless Sam, the Grand Combination Detective; or, The Man with the Evil Eye. The Romance of a Romp with a Royal Rogue
755. Wild Pete, the Broncho-Buster Detective; or, Corralling the Ranch Counterfeiters. The Story of the Death-in-Life Band's Last Stand
772. Captain Cordon, the Twister Detective; or, Snaring Slippery New York Crook
856. The Hayseed Detective; or, Slippery Jim's Diamond Deal
868. The Race-Course Detective; or, Blocking the Fifth Avenue Sport
880. The Silver Sport's Double; or, Cold Deck's Colorado Deal
894. Silver Sam, the Shasta Sport; or, Dan Duncan's Desperate Device
910. The Arizona Detective; or, Wiping out the Black Oath Gang

Howell's Mystery Story Series

3. The Deserters

Mystery Stories

3. The Deserters

New York Weekly

How The Colonel Was Saved