The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Jenks, George C., 1850-1929

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Items with "Jenks, George C., 1850-1929" as Credited Author

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

485. "Git Thar" Owney, the unknown, or, The boy oarsman-detective's double pull
492. Git Thar Owney's pledge, or, The owls' nest ugly brood
513. The demon doctor, or, Deadhold, the 'kid' detective
581. Double Curve Dan, the pitcher detective, or, Against heavy odds
598. Flute, the singer detective, or, "Git Thar" Owney in a new role
608. The pitcher detective's foil, or, Double-Curve Dan's double play
616. The ocean detective, or, The last cruise of the Black Bear
681. The pitcher detective's toughest tussle, or, Double-curve Dan's dead ball
736. Larry the thoroughbred, or, Beaten on every side
779. Iron Hand, the charmed detective, or, Saving the senator's daughter
854. Uncle Sam's detective in Chicago, or, The country postmaster among bunco-men

Beadle's New York Dime Library

398. Sleepless Eye the Pacific detective, or, Running down a double
432. The giant horseman, or, Tracking the Red Cross Gang
507. The drummer detective, or, The dead straight trail
526. Death Grip the tenderfoot detective, or, A still hunt for Old Secrecy
538. Rube Rocket, the tent detective, or, The treacherous two
554. Mad Sharp, the rustler, or, The drummer detective's big lay-out
572. Jaunty Joe, the jockey detective, or, Big stakes for the winner!
719. Boston Bob the sport detective, or, The queer hand "the professor" played
726. Fearless Sam the grand combination detective, or, The man with the evil eye
755. Wild Pete, the broncho-buster detective, or, Corralling the ranch counterfeiters
772. Captain Corden, the twister detective, or, Snaring slippery New York crooks
856. The hayseed detective, or, Slippery Jim's diamond deal
868. The race-course detective, or, Blocking the Fifth Avenue sport
880. The silver sport's double, or, Cold Deck's Colorado deal
894. Silver Sam, the Shasta sport, or, Dan Duncan's desperate device
910. The Arizona detective, or, Wiping out the black oath gang

Howell's Mystery Story Series

3. The Deserters

Mystery Stories

3. The Deserters