The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Rodman, Hugh P.

Pseudonym For: Cook, William Wallace, 1867-1933

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Items with "Rodman, Hugh P." as Credited Author

Do and Dare Weekly

53. Kit Cummings, the Young Gold Hunter; or, Nugget Nell's Stolen Treasure
59. Kit Cummings' Lucky Find; or, The Open Secret of Lake Tagish
63. The Three-Spot of Diamonds; or, Kit Cummings' Prize Mystery

Klondike Kit Library

1. Klondike Kit; or, A Freeze-Out in Chilkoot Pass.
2. Klondike Kit and His Girl Pard; or, Nugget Nell's Fight for a Fortune.
3. Klondike Kit's Lucky Nugget; or, The Lone Prospector of Lake Targish.
4. Klondike Kit's Bonanza Strike; or, The Claim-Jumpers of Hootalinqua.
5. Klondike Kit's Pay Streak; or, Snowed in at Forty-Mile.
6. Klondike Kit's Mooseskin Bag; or, the Clean-up at No. 6,
7. Klondike Kit's at the Black Hole; or, the Convict Hunt of Tananah.
8. Klondike Kit's Chum; or, A Hot Strike on Vulture Hill.
9. Klondike Kit's Quartz Ledge; or, Out with the Mounted Police
10. Klondike Kit's Grub Stake; or, A Full Hand at Five-Finger Rapids.
11. Klondike Kit's Four-Footed Pard; or, Pay-Dirt at El Dorado.
12. Klondike Kit's Lost Lead; or, A Fracas at Fort Get There.
13. Klondike Kit Down to Bed Rock; or, A Wonderful Find on the Happy-Go-Lucky.
14. Klondike Kit's Big Contract; or, Down the Yukon with Five Million.
15. Klondike Kit at Copper River; or, The Argonauts of Anganak.
16. Klondike Kit and Caribou Cal; or, Gold Thieves at the Treadwell.
17. Klondike Kit's Mascot; or, Barney Barnato, Jr.
18. Klondike Kit's Pacer Pocket; or, The Stampede to Stunner Creek.
19. Klondike Kit's Gold Brick; or, Country Rock at Kish Kish.