The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Derby, E. C.

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Items with "Derby, E. C." as Credited Author

New Secret Service Series

2. The Man in the Coach
8. The Mail Robber's Syndicate; or A Rogue's Fate
14. Foiling a Counterfeiter; or, The League of Death
22. A Nihilist's Vengeance
30. A Counterfeiter's Roguery
33. A Master Stroke
37. The Empty Mail Bags
41. The Test of Anarchy
45. In League With Counterfeiters
49. The Outlaw's Oath
53. The Government's Man
57. The Gold Makers's Secret
61. A Smuggler's Fate
65. The Crossing of Clews

Old Cap. Collier Library

696. Old Ironnerve's government case; or, rounding up the mail robbers' league