The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Douglas, Amanda M., 1831-1916

Often credited as Amanda M. Douglas or A. M. Douglas.

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Items with "Douglas, Amanda M., 1831-1916" as Credited Author

The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)

Which Was Best?

The Bijou Series

57. Guilty or Not Guilty

Chimney Corner Series (Lupton)

141. The Midnight Marriage

Eagle Library

6. The Midnight Marriage

Favorite Library

170. The Midnight Marriage

Good Company Series

2. In Trust; or, Dr. Bertrand's Household
12. Osborne of Arrochar
20. Nelly Kinnard's Kingdom
26. Lost in a Great City
27. Larry

The Home Library of Select Literature

10. Her Manifest Destiny

Ideal Series of American Copyright Novels

9. The Midnight Marriage

Idle Hour Series (Lupton)

2. Guilty or Not Guilty

Manhattan Series of Popular American Novels

12. The Midnight Marriage

New England Series

12. The Midnight Marriage

New York Weekly

A Christmas Story: Joseph Yates' Temptation
Hearts, Not Arms; or, Major Couryn's Courtship
Lucia's Path Out of Peril
The Midnight Marriage
My Christmas Gift
Tom Kirby's Bouquet
What She Gave Up; or, Elsie Latimer's Sacrifice

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

Guilty or Not Guilty
Margaret's Victory
The Old Life
One of Life's Shadows
Which Was Best?

Select Series

48. The Midnight Marriage